For Whom The Bell Tolls…

Trump support survey now ends when the polls close tonight.

(8:00pm EDT/7:00pm CDT)

Our poll to determine support for Donald Trump among Republican elected officials was suppose to end at Noon (CDT) today.   But everyone on the RTP crew have day jobs, so the deadline sort of fell through the cracks.  Out of the goodness of our heart, we have extended the opportunity for GOP leaders to publicly do the bare minimum required of their party:  to support the GOP’s nominee for president.

But in the interim, we have discovered a curious trend in those who seem to be opposed or reluctant to state their support for Trump.  The standard we set was reasonable:  that a Republican official publicly and unequivocally declare their support for Trump in the time after the “locker room” talk came out (creating major bed-wetting among the nervous) and today.  Some, like Bill Haslam, used the ribald words of The Donald as an excuse to flee from or out-right oppose Trump.

A large majority of Republican elected officials in the legislature have sent in their positions, and we appreciate their participation.  But among those who have remained silent there is a common denominator:  They seem to be many members of House leadership (including committee chairmen).  In addition of 3 of the top 4 leadership positions, it appears 9 of the 15 Committee chairmen appointed by Beth Harwell have either run for the hills or outright opposed Trump.  Here are their names.  We will try to get to the Senate later this afternoon.

House GOP Non-Respondents or Opposed to Trump

  • Speaker Beth Harwell
  • Majority Leader Gerald McCormick
  • Asst. Majority Leader Kevin Brooks

Committee Chairmen:

  • Curtis Halford
  • Pat Marsh
  • Bill Dunn
  • Harry Brooks
  • Bob Ramsey
  • Tim Wirgau
  • Cameron Sexton
  • Charles Sargent
  • Jeremy Faison

Again, show us a shred of evidence — a text, an email, a mailing, a news article, a radio add — something, anything to show you supported Trump after late September and before the end of  Election Day and we will remove your name from the list.

We will publish the final list of Trump/Non-Trump GOP elected officials a few days after the election.


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