C’mon in, Mrs. Campbell. The water’s fine!

Salvation is available to everyone!


Republican State Executive Committee member Beth Campbell had about a half-dozen of her friends send the Rocky Top Tipline (www.rtptipline@gmail.com) evidence of her public support for Trump.  We checked it out and agree:  Beth is a Born Again Deplorable.  Welcome to the fold, Mrs. Campbell!

We also received another spat of legislators declaring their support of Trump.  As for all those other who have failed to answer our little Trump survey, you have about 72 hours to do so.  If you think remaining silent will help you in the future, check out the recent mailing against Republican Congresswoman Barbara Comstock of Virginia.  Ironically the mysterious PAC that did the mailing is believe to be affiliated with Democrats — not Republicans!

Just a little taste of what could be in store for Never Trumpers who want to get elected or re-elected in the future.  Like Bill Haslam.





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