Man, we love it when we’re right (part 2)


Tennessean reporters finally discover Haynes departure after it bites them on the butt.

Three days after Rocky Top blew the whistle on the scheme to replace the soon-to-be-departed GOP chairman Ryan Haynes, 2 days after Victor Ashe confirmed it in his column, and about an hour after RTP crowed about being right with another post on the subject last night — The Tennessean finally slapped together a weak story about Haynes “possible” departure.

While the geniuses at the Tennessean did credit Ashe with being a source of the information, they  just couldn’t bring themselves to admit that Rocky Top had uncovered the plot and wrote about it twice in the 72 hours preceding the Tennessean story.  This not the first (or the second or the third) time the Tennessean has pretended to come up with a story without crediting the obnoxious, anonymous, conservative and irresponsible rag that is Rocky Top Politics.

That’s okay, boys.  The crew at Rocky Top will keep feeding you stories — and you keep pretending to your editors that you came up with them on your own.

Your secret is safe with us.

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