Man, we love it when we’re right.

It’s official:  Haynes is Gone.

Haynes breitbart photo

It’s seems like just yesterday (actually, it was Sunday) that Rocky Top blew up the little cabal that was organized to replace Haynes by exposing their machinations.  We knew we were on to something when instead of public denials, all we heard were crickets.

Then, the Bull Dog himself (Victor Ashe) let the cat out of the clear plastic bag with this release:

“State GOP Chief to Hang It Up”

It seems Haynes didn’t like the job because it was too hard, saying: “He did not like the internal GOP politics on the state executive committee.”  Gee, if someone had just warned the boy that being the state GOP chairman actually, you know, involved politics.

In related news:

“Taylor Ferrell, Walker Ferrell and Brent Leatherwood announced there would be a memorial service for Haynes as well as their personal political careers immediately following the election of a new Chairman.

Wishful thinking?  Perhaps.  But wouldn’t it be something if a majority of the state executive committee  summoned the intestinal fortitude to name someone from the conservative (non-establishment) side of the party?  You know the type of person we’re talking about:  Someone who actually supported Trump and who will not bend over and ask for another whenever Haslam calls to tell them how to vote.animal-house

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