How do you like him now?


“He’s (we’re) making  list, checking it twice….”

One week to go for GOP legislators, TN Congressmen and Senators and members of the state executive committee to declare their support for Trump.  Well over half of the GOP caucuses in both Houses have sent ol’ Rocky Top their affirmation for The Donald.

What with the FBI probe causing Hillary Von Cankles to start practicing how she can do a proper “Perp Walk,” you would think coming out for Trump would be a no-brainer.  Then again, with some of these RINOs, having a brain is optional.

The clock is ticking.  Exactly one week from today, RTP will post the names of all those GOP leaders who have openly declared or re-declared their support for Trump since the “locker room tape” in early October caused some officials to run for the hills.  We will also print the list of those GOP bed-wetters who were too afraid to support Trump openly.   These RINOs will be listed as “Against Trump/Refused to Answer.”  And since RTP keeps good archives, the cowardice of those closet Never Trump types will be handily available for primary challengers to use in their mailings next election.   Of course, with some of these guys, we’re almost hoping they don’t respond.

Bed-Wetting Never Trumpers know who they are.  But in case they don’t, the following is a partial list of those Republican elected officials who may be hiding under their beds until Election Day.  If anyone wants to be taken off this list, just text us at (615) 801-5633 and say you are for Trump or send an email to

  • Kevin Brooks
  • Beth Harwell
  • Dan Howell
  • Kent Calfee
  • Harry Brooks
  • Matt Wirgau
  • Becky Massey
  • Bill Dunn
  • Art Swann
  • Ryan Williams
  • Cameron Sexton
  • Susan Lynn
  • Pat Marsh
  • Curtis Johnson
  • Bill Sanderson
  • Bob Ramsey
  • Steve McDaniels
  • Paul Bailey
  • Rusty Crowe
  • Richard Briggs
  • Brian Kelsey
  • Jim Tracy
  • Steve Southerland
  • Lamar Alexander
  • Chuck Fleishman
  • Soon-to-be congressman David Kustoff

And remember, the Republican primary is less than 21 months away.

[Special Note:  Unlike the legislators, the response from the state executive committee has been abysmal, with less than two dozen of the 66 members registering their support for Trump so far.  But with stalwart RINOS like Beth Campbell, Melissa Gay and Christi Cross, et al, hiding their light under a bushel, why are we not surprised?]

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