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UPDATE: Mystery Photo #1

Since we posted the photo below, we have received numerous tips from our loyal readers (both of ’em) as to the identity of the individuals in the photo.  It appears the girl on the left is Chassity Martin and the guy on the right is Gregory Gleaves.

chassity 1

Now — who wants to guess why this photo is significant?

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Okay, now the 2018 speculation is moving into the weird phase.

Guess who’s talking about Corker running for governor?


corker 3

“Ya know, Bob, if you were a little taller you could see Nashville from here.”

After presenting our Grand Unified Theory of the 2018 elections in Tennessee, we have another curve ball to add.

RTP was the first to openly speculate Corker might run for governor.  Now we can report that Corker himself has added credence to what many of you considered a crack-pot theory ginned up by Rocky Top.  In the last few weeks at least one politician who discussed their ambition of running for governor with Sen. Bob Corker was surprised to hear Corker say that he was considering running for governor in 2018.  RTP has since confirmed two other similar conversations, with Corker speculating along the same lines.

It would kinda make sense:  If the Republicans lose control of the Senate, Corker would be left in the ignominious position of serving in the minority after serving as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.  He would also be demoted to minority status on the Banking Committee (but his friend and fellow investor, Sen. Mark Warner, would undoubtedly “take care” of Bob to make sure he didn’t lose too much money).  And if the GOP loses the corker and trumpSenate and Trump gets elected, RTP’s sources inside the Trump transition team (yes — RTP is everywhere) have assured us Corker’s “vetting problems” would likely preclude any serious cabinet position offer from Trump.  And running for governor might also present a solution to Corker’s growing Senate ethics woes.

If Corker were to abandoned his Senate seat and come back home to run for governor, it would kick over the political chess board, where aspiring politicians have been carefully moving around their pieces.

Here are just a few of the speculative questions arising from Corker’s curious comments:

  • WWBD (What Will Black Do?) – run for Bob’s Senate seat?
  • Will Marsha Blackburn challenge Diane Black in a cat fight – er — primary election for Senate?
  • Will Mark Green forge ahead with his plans for governor or shelve them to write his much-anticipated sequel: “Another Night With Saddam”?
  • Will Bill Haslam use some of his vast wealth to finally buy a clue?
  • Will the slavish Tennessee media stop writing orally gratifying gratuitous articles on Corker’s supposed exalted status in a possible Trump administration and start writing about the Senator’s very real and deadly serious legal and ethical problems? (Much more on this later at RTP).

Stay tuned and remember to check back with Rocky Top.  If you don’t, you might miss something.

The Dean has left the building….


Political journalism in Tennessee takes a body blow with Humphrey exit.

Members of the RTP crew were shocked to find this on their computer screens this weekend:


The News Sentinel has decided to cease publication of this blog, launched on Jan. 28, 2009, effective today, Sept. 30, 2016.

I hope it has helped inform readers about Tennessee state government and politics during that time and anticipate continuing efforts to do so otherwise in the days ahead, including a continuation of working with the fine folks at the News Sentinel.

Thank you for reading.


Damn, we thought Humphrey would never leave!

Seriously, Tom Humphrey is a consummate professional.  While one may not always agree with him, he pretty much plays it down the middle – a lost art among today’s “journalists.”  And, best of all, he was the first to acknowledge Rocky Top Politics.  We even used his assessment of RTP in our masthead for a time (until the KNS lawyers threatened to sue us, shoot our dogs and abduct our children if we didn’t stop).

With Humphrey’s exit, the political press corps in Tennessee is now down to about two people (2½ if you count Andy Sher).

Now that you have some free time, Tom, maybe you would like to take over the Curmudgeon Desk at RTP.  If you are interested, try to stop by on Thursdays. That’s the day Mrs. Hot Chick makes cupcakes.

Fine Egyptian Cotton Linen, 100 Thread Count


It’s like the Media covers a Klan Rally and the only story they write is what material the Grand Wizard uses to make his robes so white.

For a bunch of hacks known for using a dog whistle to find racism where it rarely exits, the MSM (and especially The Tennessean) failed to report an actual racist incident when it was bull-connorwritten down and shoved right in their face like Bull Connor working a fire hose.

In the damning report released by Rep. Billy Spivey, one of the most disturbing accusations by the staff was when Connie Ridley — under the direction of Speaker Harwell — threatened an employee complaining of a hostile work environment.  She did so by “suggesting” if the employee didn’t like her current working environment, she “could go to work for one of the Members of the black caucus but would have to take a demotion and pay cut.”

Did everyone  catch that?  Working for a Black legislator is now considered “punishment” in Harwell land.  Seems Missus Beth don’t cotton to any of her property straying too far off the plantation, so she threatens them with having to work with the field hands if they don’t shut up and toe the line.  Disgusting.  Harwell has gone from relying on Ridley to handle “Rep. Pants Candy” to running “Candyland.” (Django Unchained)

Making such a threat is a blatant and putrid racist act and as such should disqualify the perpetrator from being employed by the legislature.  For that matter, it should disqualify a legislator from serving in the House.

And don’t think for a minute that RTP is trying to somehow curry favor with the Black Caucus — we philosophically disagree with them about 96% of the time.  But it is beyond our comprehension the Speaker or her designee could allow the use of such an obvious and crude racial slur against anyone, especially an elected official.  It is an insult to the Black Caucus.  It is an insult to Tennessee.

What does it take for her colleagues to recognize that Harwell has lost the moral authority to lead the House?  What’s next — using the “N” word?  And what does it take for the MSM to get off its liberal ass and start covering all of a story, including angles that may inconvenience the editorial pages?  Not one media outlet made a single editorial comment about the Black Caucus threat.  Oh sure, they dutifully reported concerns from Rep. Hardaway and Rep. Gilmore about “pay inequity” but we have yet to see the media say one damned word in their editorial pages about the overt racism contained in Ridley’s threats.  All that the Tennessean’s Frank Daniels The Third could find to write about in his column was that the Republicans were attacking each other (“Racist threat? What racist threat?”).

We so look forward to the Annual Legislative Picnic. No word whether Harwell will provide a bus to take legislators to the event, nor whether Connie Ridley will get to decide who has to sit in the back of the bus.

Don’t laugh.  It wasn’t meant to be funny.