Erik Schelzig: Liberal, Deceitful and Dishonest.

AP reporter EXPOSED— Wrote numerous articles on issues involving his attorney wife without revealing their relationship.

“Do as I say, not as I do,” says Schelzig.

schelzig-2Associated Press reporter Erik Schelzig has written lots of articles on things such as transgender bathrooms, Islamic immigrants, the Occupy Wall Street fiasco, “monkey bills,” protests against mosques and even making the Bible Tennessee’s state book.

In each of these cases and more, Schelzig wrote these articles without once bothering to tell his readers that his wife Tricia is up to her eyeballs in socialist, left-wing lawsuits and causes directly covered in many of his news stories.  And in numerous instances Schelzig’s wife, an attorney with the ACLU and the left-wing Osment law firm, was working simultaneously on the very issues he was promoting as an AP reporter.  Oh, we don’t mean she was a casual observer – she was substantively, legally and professionally involved.  All while her husband pimped stories that would bring favorable attention to his wife’s agenda and her clients.  Schelzig is fond of playing “gotcha” with politicians using such tactics as cherry-picking financial disclosure statements, while he blatantly ignores the most basic and minimal rules of ethics and disclosure in his chosen profession.

What a miserable little hypocrite.

Later this week, we will detail the background of Schelzig and his wife, their far left-wing politics, and how they promote their personal liberal  agendas while purposely hiding their conflicts in order to deceive and mislead the public.

We will also offer unsolicited but damned good advice about how elected officials and private citizens targeted by Schelzig or his wife should deal with these deceitful, left-wing apparatchiks.

You won’t want to miss it.





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