Does this mean the Ferrells still get to make $$ trying to defeat Republicans?


Ryan Haynes OUT as GOP State Party Chair?

Haynes breitbart photoRTP has learned that very high-ranking GOP establishment figures have started soliciting suggestions for a new state party chairman.  If true, there is only one reason why they would be doing so.

Ryan Haynes, who has served in the position for 19 months, is reportedly looking to announce right after the election and before the December State Executive Committee meeting that he will not run for a full two-year term for party chairman.  Several of the “powers-that-be” are contacting party apparatchiks across the state, apparently looking to get behind one candidate and line up enough votes to force out any late competitors.  An important part of their strategy was to keep the whole thing under wraps so that it would be too late for the party rank and file to complain.

Well Rocky Top just blew the hell out of that strategy, didn’t we?

One of these days there is going to be a fair election of party leadership where the riff-raff (i.e., the actual Republican voting public) get to elect their own leaders instead of having them shoved down their throats.

Maybe November 17th GOP caucus elections would be a good place to start?  Then we could move on to electing a party chairman who would fire the money-grubbing little miscreants employed at the state HQs.  You know, the ones like Taylor Ferrell and her hubby Walker as well as former party official Gregory Gleaves.  All of them have been lining their pockets with money from party contributors while working to defeat incumbent Republican officials.  Even Brent “Vote-your-conscience on Trump” Leatherwood could be forced to get a real job elsewhere.

Maybe something in the Trump administration (LOL).


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