Trump Support Survey Update

We are making great progress in our survey to tell which Republican leaders were supporting Trump trump-thumbs-upand which ones were turning tail and trying to back out of their sworn commitment and responsibility to publicly support the party’s nominee. With two weeks to go, over half of the legislature and just under half of the state executive committee have responded to Rocky Top ( with firm, public commitments to support (or not) the nominee.  So far only one major GOP elected official has come out against Trump:  Gov. Bill “Weasel” Haslam.

More often than you would think, that seething nest of vipers we see every time we open our Tip Line is filled with people who we have called out for their hypocrisy or misdeeds who just want to vent their spleen at RTP.  But every now and then we receive a heartwarming message from one of our avid readers that surprises even us.  Just today we got the following message from GOP state exec. committee member Ken Gross.  Although we still do not plan to release a full list of those supporting Trump as well as those to cowardly to admit their true intention, we felt compelled to share Ken’s message with you:

Not that it matters, I know you will trash me anyways !  Since the primary, I have strongly supported our 2016 Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump !!  My family and I am looking forward to casting our VOTES for Mr. Trump !!
There, there, Ken.  Not to worry.  The crew here at Rocky Top appreciates your support of our party’s nominee as well as your courage in stating so publicly.  Redemption is available for everyone and you are well on your way to showing that rarest of character traits among many SEC members — independent thought.  However, you might want to encourage your fellow committee members to get off their butts and send us their pledges of support (or non-support) of Trump.
Just two weeks to go before we release everyone’s names to the public.  Pay now, or pay later.


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