Time to Cut the Crap.

We can think of about #38 reasons this letter is a bad idea.

So we open the old RTP mailbox last week and this is what we find:




Welcome back, Gregory, from wherever you were.  It’s good — actually incredible — to see you are still in business.

gleaves and Haslam-editedAll you Republican candidates out there who might actually be thinking about hiring Gregory to do your direct mail, you need to stop and ask yourself:  “Am I freakin’ nuts?”  RTP would think that would be a pretty good self-diagnosis, one where you should immediately seek professional help before committing your hard-earned campaign dollars to someone like Gleaves.

But let’s say despite your better judgment, you do take a meeting with Gleaves.  Here are some questions you may first want to have answered.  We are not saying that Gleaves is guilty of anything in particular (RTP has some very good lawyers and they told us to be sure and say that) and Gleaves may have perfectly reasonable and innocent responses to each of these questions.

Yeah, and monkeys could fly out our butts.

So here are our suggested questions for Gregory Gleaves.  We can’t wait to see the answers.

  1. Did Glen Casada remove you from the preferred vendors list after you got caught working against incumbent GOP legislators?
  2. Would you share with prospective clients the exact circumstances surrounding your rather rapid departure from your job as the chief-of-staff for Speaker Harwell? Did the words “inappropriate behavior” ever come up in connection to your departure?
  3. Did you ever do an interview with a reporter(s) where you allegedly were going to “roll over” on Harwell regarding a situation involving Rep. Jimmy Eldridge, among others? And if in fact you did such an interview, what the hell ever happened to that story?
  4. How do you feel about teaming up with a West Virginia direct mail operative, Greg Capelli,  who was allegedly accused of abusing his now ex-wife? Did you think routing money through his firm would hide your complicity in working against GOP office holders?

     "El Chapo" Capelli

    Gleave’s business partner, Greg Capelli of Paragon, Inc.

  5. Why, after being caught red handed working against incumbent GOP lawmakers, do you think any Republican would give you the time of day, much less ever hire you?
  6. And on what planet did you think sending a letter like this was a good idea?

Now our loyal Rocky Top readers (both of em’) are probably asking why we are being so hard on Old Greg.  It’s just that we feel it is way past time to cut through the crap that permeates the Harwell regime and start asking some questions that others won’t.

We’ll have similar questions for Harwell, Joe McCord, Connie Ridley and others real soon.  But we can’t promise we’ll be as nice as we were today.

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