Trump Survey Update

Haslam increasingly isolated.  Only major Tennessee Republican official to openly oppose Trump for president.

The headlines from The Tennessean breathlessly proclaimed:

“As election nears, Tennessee Republicans continue fighting over Trump.” 

Why, one would think that gunfire had erupted at a Weakley County GOP meeting or there was a rumble at the Fayette County HQs.  But once one read past the hyperventilating hype, the Tennessean and every other newspaper in the state could collectively come up with only one (count ’em: 1) senior GOP elected official who was not endorsing Trump.  So far, of the 66 GOP SEC members, the 99 GOP legislators, the 7 GOP congressmen, the three statewide elected GOP officials, the MSM could only find 1 turncoat in the entire damn state who is not backing Trump.

Bill Haslam.

That’s right – Gov. Bill is the only person surveyed thus far who has rejected Trump.haslam

This all tracks with the early results from our Trump Survey (Rocky Top would like to thank the many GOP leaders who have sent in their answers to our Trump Survey and/or have made their positions a matter of public record).  At this point we too know of only one GOP elected official in the state who is not backing Trump:

Bill Haslam

We so look forward to the Tennesseans’ next headline.  If they can find just one more GOP elected official to join Haslam they can blare:

“Republican opposition to Trump DOUBLES in Tennessee.”

Now if the governor had a really important job like, say, he was a member of the state executive committee, he would be in big trouble:

Neither the Executive Committee nor a County Republican Party or Executive Committee shall endorse a Democrat or other non-Republican in an election in which a Republican is a candidate.

-TNGOP By-laws.

So don’t worry, governor.  You won’t be brought up on charges or have to live with the same standards as most other GOP elected officials.

Pretty low bar, we know – but our expectations for Bill Haslam governing like a conservative have been pretty low for quite some time now.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Survey participation ends at Noon on Election Day.  We are particularly interested in the responses from state executive committee members.  You yahoos are actually required to support the party’s nominee or face removal from office.  We are looking in the direction of people like Beth Campbell, Melissa Gay, Ken Gross, etc.   If you or any others can’t support Trump, that’s okay.  Just have the guts to say so.  Then you can resign.

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