Is you Is, or is you Isn’t?



RTP puts Tennessee Republican elected officials on the spot with our first and only Trump Survey.

With all the hoohah the last few days over the purported “split” in the Republican party over the Trump candidacy, RTP thought it would be an outstanding public service for many (and an unwelcome intrusion for a few) to take names as to who is sticking with Trump and who is wetting the bed over his candidacy.  Therefore we have unilaterally decided to create a full accounting of the anti-Trump Republican elected officials (such as Bill Haslam) as well as those who continued to support The Donald (such as Diane Black, Marsha Blackburn, etc.)

It is not an idle exercise.  To listen to the media the internal divisions in the GOP are real and growing.  We’ll see if that’s so.  But if an internecine war is coming, it is best to figure out now who is on whose side and to do so before election day (after which the political revisionists can claim they were always on the “winning” side).

RTP now opens our tipline ( and our phone number for responses from all GOP state legislators and members of Congress. Just send us an email from an official or personal account belonging to you or text your response from your personal cell phone to RTP’s phone number.  Most all of you have received unsolicited text messages from this number in the past.  We know that, because most of you have texted compliments as well as insults to RTP in response to one or more of our postings over the years.  But in case you lost the number, here it is again:  (615) 801-5633. (And again, remember we already have your personal cell phone number so it’s not like you are giving the bastards at RTP some kind of secret information). If neither of those options are acceptable to you, we’ll accept a lock of your hair or a DNA swab as proof you are who you say you are.  We also accept MasterCard and Visa.

Members of the Republican State Executive Committee, including Chairman Haynes are “invited” to participate as well.  But unless you are a member of the SEC, a state legislator, a congressman, a senator or a governor don’t send us anything. If you insist on doing so, your personal contact information will be retained by Rocky Top and used in the future — possibly for subscribing to porn sites or opening an unauthorized Wells Fargo account in Bob Corker’s name.

RTP will text each of you personally to confirm that any response we receive with your name attached to it actually came from you.  What’s more, in deference to those handful of Republicans who might be locked in a competitive campaign against a Democrat, we will not publish any results of our survey until AFTER the election — but we must have everyone’s answers before election day.

Here is the survey:

  • Do you support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee?

Yes:____       No:____

  • Will you be voting for Trump in the November election?

Yes:____       No:____

That’s it — you’re done!  Now we know what some of you are saying:  “Just who the hell do those people at Rocky Top think they are?”  Well here’s our short answer: Participation is not optional.  We hate to be pains in the rear, but if you won’t take a public stand on this, what will you take a stand on?

And if anyone is thinking of not participating, it is an entirely reasonable inference that refusing to answer will be recorded as a “NO.”

You may not like that, but your next primary opponent will love it.

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