How cute – He thinks his opinion actually matters…


“Remember Bill — no tongues.”

Bill Haslam says he won’t vote for Trump.

Trump asks:  “Who’s Bill Haslam?”

Gov. Bill Haslam enthusiastically joined the chorus group of GOP politicians last year who insisted Donald Trump sign a pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee.  But now Bill Haslam says he will not support Trump in this election.  What a stand up guy.

Instead, Haslam now demands Trump withdraw from the race and that millions of voters who supported Trump in the primaries be ignored.  What’s more, Haslam stamped his feet and also demanded Gov. Mike Pence be named the nominee.  Surely, Haslam knows such an action would be blatantly illegal.  His advice, if it were even possible to take it seriously, would result in the guaranteed election of Hillary Clinton.  Maybe that is what Bill wants.

Don’t scoff — Haslam’s latest feckless and impotent pronouncement should come as no surprise.  After all, this is the guy who sold his soul to the Obama regime on everything from Common Core, to ObamaCare expansion to knuckling under to the Obama administration dumping Syrian refugees into Tennessee.  The less charitable might draw the conclusion that one of Bill’s prime motivations for sucking up (sorry, is that “locker room” language?) is nothing more than a desperate attempt to convince the Obama Justice Department (or a Clinton Justice Department) from indicting his brother over the Pilot Oil rebate scandal.

Say what you will about Jimmy Haslam.  Even if he is guilty of some wrongdoing (and we are not saying he is), he still demands a level of respect that has eluded his “Kid” brother.  Yep, every day it is painfully apparent the wrong Haslam got elected.

If Bill Haslam ever runs in a competitive GOP primary again, look for his “cut & run” reputation to come back and haunt him.

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