The Dean has left the building….


Political journalism in Tennessee takes a body blow with Humphrey exit.

Members of the RTP crew were shocked to find this on their computer screens this weekend:


The News Sentinel has decided to cease publication of this blog, launched on Jan. 28, 2009, effective today, Sept. 30, 2016.

I hope it has helped inform readers about Tennessee state government and politics during that time and anticipate continuing efforts to do so otherwise in the days ahead, including a continuation of working with the fine folks at the News Sentinel.

Thank you for reading.


Damn, we thought Humphrey would never leave!

Seriously, Tom Humphrey is a consummate professional.  While one may not always agree with him, he pretty much plays it down the middle – a lost art among today’s “journalists.”  And, best of all, he was the first to acknowledge Rocky Top Politics.  We even used his assessment of RTP in our masthead for a time (until the KNS lawyers threatened to sue us, shoot our dogs and abduct our children if we didn’t stop).

With Humphrey’s exit, the political press corps in Tennessee is now down to about two people (2½ if you count Andy Sher).

Now that you have some free time, Tom, maybe you would like to take over the Curmudgeon Desk at RTP.  If you are interested, try to stop by on Thursdays. That’s the day Mrs. Hot Chick makes cupcakes.

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