Okay, now the 2018 speculation is moving into the weird phase.

Guess who’s talking about Corker running for governor?


corker 3

“Ya know, Bob, if you were a little taller you could see Nashville from here.”

After presenting our Grand Unified Theory of the 2018 elections in Tennessee, we have another curve ball to add.

RTP was the first to openly speculate Corker might run for governor.  Now we can report that Corker himself has added credence to what many of you considered a crack-pot theory ginned up by Rocky Top.  In the last few weeks at least one politician who discussed their ambition of running for governor with Sen. Bob Corker was surprised to hear Corker say that he was considering running for governor in 2018.  RTP has since confirmed two other similar conversations, with Corker speculating along the same lines.

It would kinda make sense:  If the Republicans lose control of the Senate, Corker would be left in the ignominious position of serving in the minority after serving as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.  He would also be demoted to minority status on the Banking Committee (but his friend and fellow investor, Sen. Mark Warner, would undoubtedly “take care” of Bob to make sure he didn’t lose too much money).  And if the GOP loses the corker and trumpSenate and Trump gets elected, RTP’s sources inside the Trump transition team (yes — RTP is everywhere) have assured us Corker’s “vetting problems” would likely preclude any serious cabinet position offer from Trump.  And running for governor might also present a solution to Corker’s growing Senate ethics woes.

If Corker were to abandoned his Senate seat and come back home to run for governor, it would kick over the political chess board, where aspiring politicians have been carefully moving around their pieces.

Here are just a few of the speculative questions arising from Corker’s curious comments:

  • WWBD (What Will Black Do?) – run for Bob’s Senate seat?
  • Will Marsha Blackburn challenge Diane Black in a cat fight – er — primary election for Senate?
  • Will Mark Green forge ahead with his plans for governor or shelve them to write his much-anticipated sequel: “Another Night With Saddam”?
  • Will Bill Haslam use some of his vast wealth to finally buy a clue?
  • Will the slavish Tennessee media stop writing orally gratifying gratuitous articles on Corker’s supposed exalted status in a possible Trump administration and start writing about the Senator’s very real and deadly serious legal and ethical problems? (Much more on this later at RTP).

Stay tuned and remember to check back with Rocky Top.  If you don’t, you might miss something.

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