Fine Egyptian Cotton Linen, 100 Thread Count


It’s like the Media covers a Klan Rally and the only story they write is what material the Grand Wizard uses to make his robes so white.

For a bunch of hacks known for using a dog whistle to find racism where it rarely exits, the MSM (and especially The Tennessean) failed to report an actual racist incident when it was bull-connorwritten down and shoved right in their face like Bull Connor working a fire hose.

In the damning report released by Rep. Billy Spivey, one of the most disturbing accusations by the staff was when Connie Ridley — under the direction of Speaker Harwell — threatened an employee complaining of a hostile work environment.  She did so by “suggesting” if the employee didn’t like her current working environment, she “could go to work for one of the Members of the black caucus but would have to take a demotion and pay cut.”

Did everyone  catch that?  Working for a Black legislator is now considered “punishment” in Harwell land.  Seems Missus Beth don’t cotton to any of her property straying too far off the plantation, so she threatens them with having to work with the field hands if they don’t shut up and toe the line.  Disgusting.  Harwell has gone from relying on Ridley to handle “Rep. Pants Candy” to running “Candyland.” (Django Unchained)

Making such a threat is a blatant and putrid racist act and as such should disqualify the perpetrator from being employed by the legislature.  For that matter, it should disqualify a legislator from serving in the House.

And don’t think for a minute that RTP is trying to somehow curry favor with the Black Caucus — we philosophically disagree with them about 96% of the time.  But it is beyond our comprehension the Speaker or her designee could allow the use of such an obvious and crude racial slur against anyone, especially an elected official.  It is an insult to the Black Caucus.  It is an insult to Tennessee.

What does it take for her colleagues to recognize that Harwell has lost the moral authority to lead the House?  What’s next — using the “N” word?  And what does it take for the MSM to get off its liberal ass and start covering all of a story, including angles that may inconvenience the editorial pages?  Not one media outlet made a single editorial comment about the Black Caucus threat.  Oh sure, they dutifully reported concerns from Rep. Hardaway and Rep. Gilmore about “pay inequity” but we have yet to see the media say one damned word in their editorial pages about the overt racism contained in Ridley’s threats.  All that the Tennessean’s Frank Daniels The Third could find to write about in his column was that the Republicans were attacking each other (“Racist threat? What racist threat?”).

We so look forward to the Annual Legislative Picnic. No word whether Harwell will provide a bus to take legislators to the event, nor whether Connie Ridley will get to decide who has to sit in the back of the bus.

Don’t laugh.  It wasn’t meant to be funny.




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