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Erik Schelzig: Liberal, Deceitful and Dishonest.

AP reporter EXPOSED— Wrote numerous articles on issues involving his attorney wife without revealing their relationship.

“Do as I say, not as I do,” says Schelzig.

schelzig-2Associated Press reporter Erik Schelzig has written lots of articles on things such as transgender bathrooms, Islamic immigrants, the Occupy Wall Street fiasco, “monkey bills,” protests against mosques and even making the Bible Tennessee’s state book.

In each of these cases and more, Schelzig wrote these articles without once bothering to tell his readers that his wife Tricia is up to her eyeballs in socialist, left-wing lawsuits and causes directly covered in many of his news stories.  And in numerous instances Schelzig’s wife, an attorney with the ACLU and the left-wing Osment law firm, was working simultaneously on the very issues he was promoting as an AP reporter.  Oh, we don’t mean she was a casual observer – she was substantively, legally and professionally involved.  All while her husband pimped stories that would bring favorable attention to his wife’s agenda and her clients.  Schelzig is fond of playing “gotcha” with politicians using such tactics as cherry-picking financial disclosure statements, while he blatantly ignores the most basic and minimal rules of ethics and disclosure in his chosen profession.

What a miserable little hypocrite.

Later this week, we will detail the background of Schelzig and his wife, their far left-wing politics, and how they promote their personal liberal  agendas while purposely hiding their conflicts in order to deceive and mislead the public.

We will also offer unsolicited but damned good advice about how elected officials and private citizens targeted by Schelzig or his wife should deal with these deceitful, left-wing apparatchiks.

You won’t want to miss it.





Does this mean the Ferrells still get to make $$ trying to defeat Republicans?


Ryan Haynes OUT as GOP State Party Chair?

Haynes breitbart photoRTP has learned that very high-ranking GOP establishment figures have started soliciting suggestions for a new state party chairman.  If true, there is only one reason why they would be doing so.

Ryan Haynes, who has served in the position for 19 months, is reportedly looking to announce right after the election and before the December State Executive Committee meeting that he will not run for a full two-year term for party chairman.  Several of the “powers-that-be” are contacting party apparatchiks across the state, apparently looking to get behind one candidate and line up enough votes to force out any late competitors.  An important part of their strategy was to keep the whole thing under wraps so that it would be too late for the party rank and file to complain.

Well Rocky Top just blew the hell out of that strategy, didn’t we?

One of these days there is going to be a fair election of party leadership where the riff-raff (i.e., the actual Republican voting public) get to elect their own leaders instead of having them shoved down their throats.

Maybe November 17th GOP caucus elections would be a good place to start?  Then we could move on to electing a party chairman who would fire the money-grubbing little miscreants employed at the state HQs.  You know, the ones like Taylor Ferrell and her hubby Walker as well as former party official Gregory Gleaves.  All of them have been lining their pockets with money from party contributors while working to defeat incumbent Republican officials.  Even Brent “Vote-your-conscience on Trump” Leatherwood could be forced to get a real job elsewhere.

Maybe something in the Trump administration (LOL).


Yeah, this ain’t going away.

Could Connie Ridley have some “inappropriate behavior” of her own?

While Beth Harwell, Joe McCord and others are busy stonewalling and covering up the latest scandal inside the Speaker’s office, the RTP Merry Band of Tipsters have been hard at work.

Connie Ridley editedOne tipster sent us a message mentioning Harwell henchman Connie Ridley.  In that message, the tipster referred to Ridley as “Connie Tanksley Heller Frederick Ridley.”

Hmmm.  The obvious intent was to imply that Ms. Ridley has been married more than once – maybe as many as three times.  Now in this day and age, being a serial bride may not seem like that big of deal.  However, Ms. Tanksley? Heller? Frederick? Ridley is not just any public figure.  She is the person who is dispatched by the speaker whenever there is inappropriate behavior to be ferreted out (like with Rep. Pants Candy) or covered up (like she did with Harwell’s former and current staff members).

But just who is this appointed arbiter of what is permissible, appropriate and moral when it comes to dealing with members of the legislature, lobbyists and staff?  What is her history?

RTP has been informed that before Ms. Ridley became Ms. Ridley, she was Mrs. Frederick, was married to some guy named Kurt Frederick and was the mother of two young teenage boys at the time.  She was originally hired by Jimmy Naifeh to do his bidding like she now does Beth’s, keeping a lid on scandals and passing secret judgment on those who present a problem to leadership.  Harwell even has a pet name for Ridley, which numerous legislators have heard her use:  “Ice Bitch.

Frau Connie has a reputation for being mean and ruthless, but on the plus side she does a great job managing the garbage pick-up schedule.  But keeping track of and disposing of the political trash is a lonely job. At some point Mrs. Frederick decided her life did not have enough excitement, so she reportedly became “involved” with a liberal Democrat lobbyist by the name of Nathan Ridley — who was also incoveniently married to someone else at the time.  To hear it from the staff who were around at the time, the alleged affair got so heated that furtive assignations were consummated in out of the way locations around the legislative plaza so the two love birds could “get busy” in private. Their respective marriages eventually ended in unpleasant divorces.  We have no way of knowing all the details of these accusations (and they have already created a mental picture that we are going to find difficult to erase), but there are enough staffers with enough axes to keep the grinder running around the clock, and they all tell the same story.  Is it all true?  Sounds like it to us.

Now why, you may ask, are the assignations of two middle-aged people in heat so important to disclose (other than for the obvious, if icky, humor value)?  Simple.  Connie Tanksley? Heller? Frederick-Ridley has been given the responsibility of being the legislature’s “Morality Cop” while possibly engaging in her own “inappropriate behavior.”  She has taken her position and turned it into a tool of retribution and terror, whose main job is to clean up the messes of Leadership and, one would presume, to retain and use her negative institutional knowledge of the seamier side of the legislature to consolidate her power and wield enormous influence.  And, of course, to ensure no one would ever fire her.  In the same way J. Edgar Hoover used to bitch-slap powerful members of Congress with his secret files, Ridley is apparently running a similarly nefarious operation in Tennessee (no word on whether when she and Nathan are alone she wears the red cocktail dresses so favored by J. Edgar).

But it’s kinda hard to hold the moral high ground when you have a reputation for wallowing in your own mud.  Sort of like Bill Clinton being named the “Lord Protector of the Sanctity of Marriage.”  How legislators can continue to stomach someone like Ridley passing judgement on what is “proper conduct” for others is beyond us.

RTP has also heard from legislators that some Harwell lieutenants may be using Ridley and the scandals swirling around her office and other members of her leadership team as an inducement (threat?) to keep Harwell in the speaker’s chair.  According to our sources, their barely-veiled pitch is that it might be “unfortunate” if someone other than Beth was speaker because, you know, “certain things about certain people” might get leaked out if Beth were not there to keep a lid on it.  And just where could Beth/Connie/Joe get information that might be used to pressure recalcitrant legislators?  Remember the open-ended, off-the-sworn-record, investigation of Jeremy Durham?  That “investigation” accumulated a lot more information about other legislators than what was included in their final report.  Where is that information now? What do you want to bet Ridley has Herbert Slatery’s phone number on speed dial?

Sounds to us like a good reason to replace Harwell, if for no other reason to be able to finally fire Ms. Ridley.  Returning Harwell as speaker would definitely keep Ms.  Connie Tanksley? Heller? Frederick-Ridley on the job.

We are already facing a possibility of Hillary Clinton as president.  It would suck having to deal with more than one “Ice Bitch” at a time.


[Editors’ note:  As is our M.O., the crew at RTP engages in rampant rumor-mongering, albeit rumor-mongering that has been annoyingly dead-on accurate since our launch over two years ago.  If anyone believes any of the above is substantively wrong, knock yourself out and submit your proof by throwing it over the transom we call the RTP Tipline (  Likewise, if anyone has additional information on the randy Ms. Ridley, we would appreciate that too.  If we are wrong we will correct the record.  But we got a feeling we’re not wrong….]

Trump Support Survey Update

We are making great progress in our survey to tell which Republican leaders were supporting Trump trump-thumbs-upand which ones were turning tail and trying to back out of their sworn commitment and responsibility to publicly support the party’s nominee. With two weeks to go, over half of the legislature and just under half of the state executive committee have responded to Rocky Top ( with firm, public commitments to support (or not) the nominee.  So far only one major GOP elected official has come out against Trump:  Gov. Bill “Weasel” Haslam.

More often than you would think, that seething nest of vipers we see every time we open our Tip Line is filled with people who we have called out for their hypocrisy or misdeeds who just want to vent their spleen at RTP.  But every now and then we receive a heartwarming message from one of our avid readers that surprises even us.  Just today we got the following message from GOP state exec. committee member Ken Gross.  Although we still do not plan to release a full list of those supporting Trump as well as those to cowardly to admit their true intention, we felt compelled to share Ken’s message with you:

Not that it matters, I know you will trash me anyways !  Since the primary, I have strongly supported our 2016 Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump !!  My family and I am looking forward to casting our VOTES for Mr. Trump !!
There, there, Ken.  Not to worry.  The crew here at Rocky Top appreciates your support of our party’s nominee as well as your courage in stating so publicly.  Redemption is available for everyone and you are well on your way to showing that rarest of character traits among many SEC members — independent thought.  However, you might want to encourage your fellow committee members to get off their butts and send us their pledges of support (or non-support) of Trump.
Just two weeks to go before we release everyone’s names to the public.  Pay now, or pay later.


Coming up short in the ethics department.

*** RTP Special Report ***

The Corruption of Bob Corker?


For some time now, Rocky Top Politics has been dropping hints that Sen. Bob Corker may be up to his keister in ethics complaints, financial misdeeds and such.  Well no more hints. Over the next few weeks RTP is going to lay out a trail of what appears to be serious, widespread corruption of multiple elected officials, staff, bankers and businessmen – all tied to Bob Corker.

Why pick on ol’ Bob, you might ask?  Well, if Corker wasn’t such an egotistical ass, we might let it slide — but he is, so we won’t.  All kidding aside, what Corker appears to be engaged in is so serious that it could affect his future viability to run for re-election, governor or dogcatcher.  And that affects scores of people across the Volunteer state.

To cover our rear ends, we will make sure to put “qualifiers” in front of our statements to let you know what is fact, what is suspected and what is rumored.  What we will reveal over the next few weeks will be shocking for most and disheartening for some.  Bob Corker has created a political image more carefully tailored than a Saville Row suit that is starting to come unraveled and the potential domino effect of Corker’s troubles on the Tennessee body politic could be profound.  It is a complicated tale steeped in the world of high-risk development projects, accusations of insider trading, highly leveraged personal “fortunes,” mega-banking, the collapse of the housing market and the 2008-2009 financial crisis, and more.

But not to worry.  We will try to dumb it down to a level where even folks in Sneedville can grasp the subject matter.  And as serious as the subject matter may be, Rocky Top will deliver it with the same snarky, juvenile and irresponsible manner our loyal readers (both of ‘em) have come to expect.  Expect a lot of needless and puerile jokes about the vertically-challenged junior senator from Tennessee.  It’s how we roll…

Today, in the first installment of a series of reports based on RTP’s incessant digging, our disturbingly large number of insider sources and our vast institutional experience, we will begin at the beginning:  The Campaign of 2006.

Part One:

Campaign 2006 – Creating and Protecting the Myth of “Millionaire Bob.”

When Bob Corker first ran for Senate in 2006, one of the central themes of his campaign was that he was “a self-made millionaire,” worth huge sums of money.  His ads bragged about his wealth and his disclosures at the time seemed to confirm it.corker-campaign-2006

Turns out Corker’s wealth was a greatly exaggerated deception.  Corker did have several million dollars (much of which he put into his Senate campaign) that he received from the sale of most of his real estate holdings to controversial businessman Henry Luken.  But Bob just kinda sorta left out the part that his assets were more than offset by a honker of a debt.  You see, Bob was apparently still on the hook for tens of millions of dollars in debt from his recently-sold businesses that made him contingently liable — meaning if Luken ever defaulted, the creditors would come looking for Corker to demand he make good on the debt.  So Corker eked his way into the Senate with a contingent debt hanging over him that could have left him flat busted.  As we shall see in Part Two, that potentially apocalyptic financial event came damn close to happening in 2009, just two years into Corker’s budding Senate career.  How Luken and Corker avoided it should make any ambitious U.S. Attorney salivate.

So instead of being the wildly successful entrepreneur depicted in his campaign’s TV ads, the reports indicate he had very little cash on hand to maintain his lavish lifestyle.  In fact, a careful look at the public financial disclosure records from 2005 and beyond – and the frequently amended official disclosures he has been forced to correct over a dozen times since then — reveal Corker was in severe financial distress at the time he was kicking off his campaign.  In reality, “millionaire Bob” was actually leveraged out the ying-yang to the tune of  up to $124 million and was making ends meet by living off a 2005 cash advance worth as much as $500,000 from – you guessed it – Henry Luken.

While financial disclosure rules do not require Corker to reveal his contingent debt publicly, standard business practice implies that he remained liable if his buddy Henry couldn’t make his monthlies. What is clear from the report is that Corker had precious little cash, and that Luken (and likely Corker) was toast until a “White Knight” with a multi-billion dollar interest in Corker’s legislative activity “spontaneously” arrived on the scene and decided to open up its checkbook.  Keep in mind that at this time he also had interest, maintenance and tax obligations on up to $124 million in commercial loans in a rapidly deteriorating commercial real estate market.

So as he prepared to run for the Senate, Corker’s credit was apparently “tapped out” and the wolves were circling.

All of this more significant than whether Bob & Lizzy needed help to pay the light bill for their 13,000 sq. ft. mansion.  Corker used his alleged wealth to scare off more serious primary opponents in 2006 (such as Zach Wamp) and convince major GOP contributors and supporters that his nomination and election were inevitable.  The “Look at me — I’m a successful businessman having to take a pay cut to serve the people in Congress” is a popular theme.  But in many cases, like with Corker, it’s just not true.

More disturbing is how Corker was able to miraculously avoid some of his contingent debt-chickens from coming home to roost and how the problem just “disappeared” in 2009, thanks to some incredibly coincidental help from some powerful people who had a strong (and possibly illegal) incentive to help Corker and Luken out of their bind (which we will also discuss in detail in Part Two).

Corker’s subsequent rebound to amass a second fortune (Parts 3, 4 and 5) while serving full-time as a U.S. Senator also raises disturbing questions that threaten to shake the carefully-crafted narrative that is Bob Corker.  Continuing to loom over his head are a spate of federal investigations, multiple ethics complaints and questionable business deals personally involving Corker and some of his closest advisors and associates.

If any of this comes as news to Republicans anywhere between Memphis and Mountain City, maybe it’s because the state news media has not only largely ignored this story, but has instead been hacking up “puff pieces” on Corker to the exclusion of serious political analysis.  More on this later.

But given the evidence, it is reasonable to conclude that to get elected to the U.S. Senate Bob Corker constructed an image of a wildly successful businessman that was little more than a Potemkin Village — predicated on a political lie and some major financial help from some very questionable people.


Coming Up Next:

Part Two

“The Amazing, Magical, Disappearing $28.1 Million Re-finance and Wells Fargo’s mickey-mouse-magicianWell-timed Prestidigitation.”






Time to Cut the Crap.

We can think of about #38 reasons this letter is a bad idea.

So we open the old RTP mailbox last week and this is what we find:




Welcome back, Gregory, from wherever you were.  It’s good — actually incredible — to see you are still in business.

gleaves and Haslam-editedAll you Republican candidates out there who might actually be thinking about hiring Gregory to do your direct mail, you need to stop and ask yourself:  “Am I freakin’ nuts?”  RTP would think that would be a pretty good self-diagnosis, one where you should immediately seek professional help before committing your hard-earned campaign dollars to someone like Gleaves.

But let’s say despite your better judgment, you do take a meeting with Gleaves.  Here are some questions you may first want to have answered.  We are not saying that Gleaves is guilty of anything in particular (RTP has some very good lawyers and they told us to be sure and say that) and Gleaves may have perfectly reasonable and innocent responses to each of these questions.

Yeah, and monkeys could fly out our butts.

So here are our suggested questions for Gregory Gleaves.  We can’t wait to see the answers.

  1. Did Glen Casada remove you from the preferred vendors list after you got caught working against incumbent GOP legislators?
  2. Would you share with prospective clients the exact circumstances surrounding your rather rapid departure from your job as the chief-of-staff for Speaker Harwell? Did the words “inappropriate behavior” ever come up in connection to your departure?
  3. Did you ever do an interview with a reporter(s) where you allegedly were going to “roll over” on Harwell regarding a situation involving Rep. Jimmy Eldridge, among others? And if in fact you did such an interview, what the hell ever happened to that story?
  4. How do you feel about teaming up with a West Virginia direct mail operative, Greg Capelli,  who was allegedly accused of abusing his now ex-wife? Did you think routing money through his firm would hide your complicity in working against GOP office holders?

     "El Chapo" Capelli

    Gleave’s business partner, Greg Capelli of Paragon, Inc.

  5. Why, after being caught red handed working against incumbent GOP lawmakers, do you think any Republican would give you the time of day, much less ever hire you?
  6. And on what planet did you think sending a letter like this was a good idea?

Now our loyal Rocky Top readers (both of em’) are probably asking why we are being so hard on Old Greg.  It’s just that we feel it is way past time to cut through the crap that permeates the Harwell regime and start asking some questions that others won’t.

We’ll have similar questions for Harwell, Joe McCord, Connie Ridley and others real soon.  But we can’t promise we’ll be as nice as we were today.

Rocky Top on Instapundit


Thanks to Glenn Reynolds and Instapundit for the mention:


TENNESSEE GOVERNOR BILL HASLAM OPPOSES TRUMP, but he’s pretty much the only significant Tennessee Republican taking that position.

Meanwhile, there’s speculation about Bob Corker as Haslam’s successor. I’ve interviewed Corker a couple of times and he’s a smart guy, but it’s hard for me to see that. Then again, I didn’t see Trump as the GOP nominee two years ago, either, so what do I know?

Posted at 8:16 am by Glenn Reynolds

Trump Survey Update

Haslam increasingly isolated.  Only major Tennessee Republican official to openly oppose Trump for president.

The headlines from The Tennessean breathlessly proclaimed:

“As election nears, Tennessee Republicans continue fighting over Trump.” 

Why, one would think that gunfire had erupted at a Weakley County GOP meeting or there was a rumble at the Fayette County HQs.  But once one read past the hyperventilating hype, the Tennessean and every other newspaper in the state could collectively come up with only one (count ’em: 1) senior GOP elected official who was not endorsing Trump.  So far, of the 66 GOP SEC members, the 99 GOP legislators, the 7 GOP congressmen, the three statewide elected GOP officials, the MSM could only find 1 turncoat in the entire damn state who is not backing Trump.

Bill Haslam.

That’s right – Gov. Bill is the only person surveyed thus far who has rejected Trump.haslam

This all tracks with the early results from our Trump Survey (Rocky Top would like to thank the many GOP leaders who have sent in their answers to our Trump Survey and/or have made their positions a matter of public record).  At this point we too know of only one GOP elected official in the state who is not backing Trump:

Bill Haslam

We so look forward to the Tennesseans’ next headline.  If they can find just one more GOP elected official to join Haslam they can blare:

“Republican opposition to Trump DOUBLES in Tennessee.”

Now if the governor had a really important job like, say, he was a member of the state executive committee, he would be in big trouble:

Neither the Executive Committee nor a County Republican Party or Executive Committee shall endorse a Democrat or other non-Republican in an election in which a Republican is a candidate.

-TNGOP By-laws.

So don’t worry, governor.  You won’t be brought up on charges or have to live with the same standards as most other GOP elected officials.

Pretty low bar, we know – but our expectations for Bill Haslam governing like a conservative have been pretty low for quite some time now.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Survey participation ends at Noon on Election Day.  We are particularly interested in the responses from state executive committee members.  You yahoos are actually required to support the party’s nominee or face removal from office.  We are looking in the direction of people like Beth Campbell, Melissa Gay, Ken Gross, etc.   If you or any others can’t support Trump, that’s okay.  Just have the guts to say so.  Then you can resign.

Is you Is, or is you Isn’t?



RTP puts Tennessee Republican elected officials on the spot with our first and only Trump Survey.

With all the hoohah the last few days over the purported “split” in the Republican party over the Trump candidacy, RTP thought it would be an outstanding public service for many (and an unwelcome intrusion for a few) to take names as to who is sticking with Trump and who is wetting the bed over his candidacy.  Therefore we have unilaterally decided to create a full accounting of the anti-Trump Republican elected officials (such as Bill Haslam) as well as those who continued to support The Donald (such as Diane Black, Marsha Blackburn, etc.)

It is not an idle exercise.  To listen to the media the internal divisions in the GOP are real and growing.  We’ll see if that’s so.  But if an internecine war is coming, it is best to figure out now who is on whose side and to do so before election day (after which the political revisionists can claim they were always on the “winning” side).

RTP now opens our tipline ( and our phone number for responses from all GOP state legislators and members of Congress. Just send us an email from an official or personal account belonging to you or text your response from your personal cell phone to RTP’s phone number.  Most all of you have received unsolicited text messages from this number in the past.  We know that, because most of you have texted compliments as well as insults to RTP in response to one or more of our postings over the years.  But in case you lost the number, here it is again:  (615) 801-5633. (And again, remember we already have your personal cell phone number so it’s not like you are giving the bastards at RTP some kind of secret information). If neither of those options are acceptable to you, we’ll accept a lock of your hair or a DNA swab as proof you are who you say you are.  We also accept MasterCard and Visa.

Members of the Republican State Executive Committee, including Chairman Haynes are “invited” to participate as well.  But unless you are a member of the SEC, a state legislator, a congressman, a senator or a governor don’t send us anything. If you insist on doing so, your personal contact information will be retained by Rocky Top and used in the future — possibly for subscribing to porn sites or opening an unauthorized Wells Fargo account in Bob Corker’s name.

RTP will text each of you personally to confirm that any response we receive with your name attached to it actually came from you.  What’s more, in deference to those handful of Republicans who might be locked in a competitive campaign against a Democrat, we will not publish any results of our survey until AFTER the election — but we must have everyone’s answers before election day.

Here is the survey:

  • Do you support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee?

Yes:____       No:____

  • Will you be voting for Trump in the November election?

Yes:____       No:____

That’s it — you’re done!  Now we know what some of you are saying:  “Just who the hell do those people at Rocky Top think they are?”  Well here’s our short answer: Participation is not optional.  We hate to be pains in the rear, but if you won’t take a public stand on this, what will you take a stand on?

And if anyone is thinking of not participating, it is an entirely reasonable inference that refusing to answer will be recorded as a “NO.”

You may not like that, but your next primary opponent will love it.

How cute – He thinks his opinion actually matters…


“Remember Bill — no tongues.”

Bill Haslam says he won’t vote for Trump.

Trump asks:  “Who’s Bill Haslam?”

Gov. Bill Haslam enthusiastically joined the chorus group of GOP politicians last year who insisted Donald Trump sign a pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee.  But now Bill Haslam says he will not support Trump in this election.  What a stand up guy.

Instead, Haslam now demands Trump withdraw from the race and that millions of voters who supported Trump in the primaries be ignored.  What’s more, Haslam stamped his feet and also demanded Gov. Mike Pence be named the nominee.  Surely, Haslam knows such an action would be blatantly illegal.  His advice, if it were even possible to take it seriously, would result in the guaranteed election of Hillary Clinton.  Maybe that is what Bill wants.

Don’t scoff — Haslam’s latest feckless and impotent pronouncement should come as no surprise.  After all, this is the guy who sold his soul to the Obama regime on everything from Common Core, to ObamaCare expansion to knuckling under to the Obama administration dumping Syrian refugees into Tennessee.  The less charitable might draw the conclusion that one of Bill’s prime motivations for sucking up (sorry, is that “locker room” language?) is nothing more than a desperate attempt to convince the Obama Justice Department (or a Clinton Justice Department) from indicting his brother over the Pilot Oil rebate scandal.

Say what you will about Jimmy Haslam.  Even if he is guilty of some wrongdoing (and we are not saying he is), he still demands a level of respect that has eluded his “Kid” brother.  Yep, every day it is painfully apparent the wrong Haslam got elected.

If Bill Haslam ever runs in a competitive GOP primary again, look for his “cut & run” reputation to come back and haunt him.