Can’t you take a joke, little girl?

Message to Beth Harwell, Joe McCord, Glen Casada and Connie Ridley from grand-daughters everywhere:


  • Clerk of the House flips off toddler

  • Speaker “took no action”

  • Ridley says “allegations fully investigated”

  • Casada defends as “just joking” and “just kidding”

Circle the wagons, Boys!  We’re surrounded by pre-schoolers!

If the charges against McCord weren’t so gross, and the sneering complicity of Harwell and Ridley weren’t so revolting, this whole thing would be sort of funny — as in Glen “Just Joking” Casada’s inane statements.

Is the rumored deal you cut with Beth (you know the one – where you agree to quietly back her for speaker if she quietly backs you for majority leader?), so important to you Glen that you feel the need to defend a creep for verbally abusing a woman staff member while visually abusing her grand-daughter?

Tell you what, Glen. — you and Joe McCord come over to any one of the homes of a RTP crew member, flip off one of our kids, and see if you leave with anything other than broken teeth and a fractured middle finger.

Apparently “shame” is not a concept with which you people are familiar.  So let’s just go with “scumbags.”

Other Politicians Glen Casada Might Think were “Just joking.”


“Just kidding – y’all can go to school here.”





“Just kidding, I really did have sex with that woman.””

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