UT chose… wisely.

College Libs decide not to go after UT Law Prof. Glenn Reynolds for a 3-word tweet.

Fear of legislative retribution the cause for their surrender?

It’s not often that we can “commend” those Politically Korrect Kooks at UTK for doing something sensible.  After all, they were the ivy towered morons who gave us gender neutral pronouns and tried to ban campus Christmas parties.  After spending millions of taxpayer dollars on such nonsense (while raising the tuition for its students), Chancellor Jimmy “turn the other” Cheek decided not to take on the renowned and popular law professor and founder of the widely read blog “Instapundit,”  Dr. Glenn Reynolds.

After seeing the thugs in Charlotte who tried to stop traffic on the interstate while threatening frightened passengers, Reynolds offered the kind of driving advice you just can’t get at the DMV:


Now we know what some of you were thinking — he meant to say “Shoot them.”  No, no we take that back, but you know it crossed some of your minds if only for a fleeting moment.  Reynolds was promptly banned from Twitter and the pontificating pooh-bahs at Tennessee’s land grant university immediately puffed up and went all “safe space” on Reynolds.

Reynolds apologized (sort of) but stuck to his guns (an inappropriate metaphor, we realize, but a fun one nonetheless) as to his intended point of view and the UT administration quickly announced they had concluded their investigation (how do you “investigate” three words?) and would take no action against Reynolds.

Smart move there, geniuses.

Could it be the kings of UT had heard the same rumblings we here at Rocky Top Politics had heard?  Several legislators were already talking among themselves about extending the budget ban on the UT Diversity office for another year if the dons went after the libertarian/conservative Reynolds.  Yeah, touching that stove for a third time would not be wise.

Here is another little factoid that may have factored in the university’s weak-kneed response:

Take all the people who have received a degree from the University of Tennessee in its entire 222-year history and triple that number.  It would still not add up to the number of people who read Instapundit every day.   Every. Single. Day.

Suck it, social justice warriors.  “Rocky Top” still rules.

Just ask Florida.  orange

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