Do as I say. Not as I do.


Harwell criticizes fellow GOP legislators for taking undisclosed private trips while she does the exact same thing!


“We gotta get us some of that reform.”

Harwell said she would prefer that lawmakers not take trips like the ones with Gill and Miller, but she said, “If they’re going to, it needs to be disclosed.”

Beth Harwell is all for gettin’ some of that transparency and reform for others, but not herself.  But she is lying through her teeth when it comes to holding herself to the standards she sets for her colleagues.

The Merry Band of Tipsters at Rocky Top have got hold of information regarding a trip that Harwell took less than a year ago that makes her into the one of the biggest hypocrites in the legislature (and that’s saying something).

We also understand The Tennessean (motto: “All Durham. All day. Every day.”) knew of the Harwell trip and said nary a word about it and now they are wetting themselves rushing to print stories about other trips by other (re: conservative) legislators.

Seems Miss Beth took a jaunt last fall to North Carolina to look at some private schools.  Accompanying her on the trip was Rep. Gerald McCormick, Rep. Steve McDaniel and others.  They all flew on a private jet arranged by attorney Lee Barfield, a well-known lobbyist and lawyer with the mega-law firm, Bass, Berry & Sims.  They were going on a “fact finding, education trip” (sound familiar?) to take a look at Thales Academies – which compete with public schools by using – you guessed it – vouchers.

So Harwell was taking the exact same kind of trip that she is now criticizing her Republican colleagues for taking and for the same damn issuevouchers.

Breathtaking hypocrisy.

And let’s see if the liberal, agenda-driven slugs at The Tennessean have the cojones (see, we spelled it right that time) to report this.  If they don’t, then we modestly suggest the dozens of people who still subscribe to their rag cancel their subscriptions.

Yes, Speaker Harwell is quick to throw her GOP colleagues under the very bus that she is driving. Not a good strategy for collecting votes for re-election to the speaker’s chair.

Harwell’s standards (if you can call them that) apply only to legislators who are dealing with an issue she doesn’t want to deal with (such as the fight against radical Islam or the secret dumping of Islamic “refugees” into Tennessee), or who have opposed the Speaker one too many times.

Hypocrisy for Dummies

Let us break this down into simplified concepts that even Charles Sargent can understand:

  • Taking a private trip to discuss vouchers in No. Carolina: Good.
  • Taking a private trip to discuss vouchers in Florida:  Bad.
  • Backing the governor for allowing more Islamic Syrian refugees in Tennessee:  Good.
  • Taking a trip to see what happens when you allow too many Islamic refugees into your country:  Bad.

If you think this is just like her handling of the Durham Debacle, you would be correct.  She was all in a mad rush to punish Durham while she continues to protect her friends (current legislators and former staff) who were involved in sexual harassment similar to what Durham was doing.

Why anyone would want Beth Harwell leading them for another two years is beyond us.

Maybe it’s masochism or something.

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