Let the games begin!

Leadership Lalapalooza!

All three House leadership slots could be up for grabs.

With the announcement by Gerald McCormick that he will not run again for Majority Leader, the chess board just got kicked over.  Let’s take a moment for a brief look at all three senior leadership slots:

Speaker —

Beth Harwell is facing her most serious challenge since she was elected to the speaker’s chair from Rep. Jimmy Matlock.  Already under fire for her inept handling of Le Affaire Durham and a stronger than expected election challenge by the Democrats,  McCormick’s exit only adds to her anxiety.  And it adds to the mood among much of the caucus that significant change in leadership is sorely needed.

Majority Leader —

Glen Casada is rumored to be running and, if he pulls the trigger, will face a spirited competition from Rep. Sheila Butt.  Butt had already quietly been laying the groundwork for a challenge to McCormick.  Look for others to possibly get into this race.

House Republican Caucus —

If Casada tries to move up the ladder, God only knows how many will run for this slot, but RTP’s favorite is Rep. Timothy Hill — he has the practical campaign skills that are needed for the job.  And he his seen as an open and honest operator.

The so-called Conservative Caucus, which is believed to number between 25-30 core members, could be a key group in the run-up to the leadership elections.

Also, no one should be surprised if the Governor tries to stick his nose into the races — and runs the risk of having it cut off.


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