What passes for journalism these days.

The Tennessean attacks conservative for following the law.

In what has to be one of the slimiest – and maladroit – attempts to smear someone who has the temerity to disagree with the editors of the liberal Tennessean, the newspaper dug up a 5-year-old story and tried to pass it off as some sort of “investigative” journalism.

You can read the details here.  But the jist of it is that back in 2011 conservative businessman Andy Miller, concerned about the rising threat of radical Islam and uncontrolled immigration, took a group of legislators on a trip to meet with their counterparts in Europe to see just how dangerous the problem was.  They also went to Dearborn, Michigan.

Dearborn?  Yes, when the crew here at RTP discuss their future vacation/junket plans, the garden spot of Dearborn is always at the top of our list – of where not to go.

Miller apparently took them to Dreary Dearborn to see what happens when you import people whose religious and political beliefs (and yes, for almost all Muslims they are one in the same) are in direct contradiction to democracy, the U.S. Constitution and rule of law.  In Dearborn, there are enclaves where the cops will tell you are “no-go” zones, where Sharia law is the norm.  You folks at the Tennessean remember Sharia law, don’t you?  Beheadings, female genital mutilation, no rights for women, throwing gay people of rooftops, terrorism, etc.  To the idiots at the Tennessean, such activity must be ignored and withheld from the American public in the pages of their newspaper.  Damn that Andy Miller for showing lawmakers the reality of the situation that is now unfolding in Europe.

What really pissed off the Tennessean was that the Miller trip was years ahead of the current immigration/Muslim crisis that is threatening other countries, apparently worried about the real possibility of the same thing happening here.

How dare he.

But liberal bias is not the only thing at play here.  The publishing of the Tennessean’s story was laughably ill-timed.  It appeared at the exact same moment of multiple terrorist bombings and stabbings in the U.S., committed precisely by the very same terrorist environment that Miller was trying to warn people about.  Kind of hard to get up on your news media high-horse to attack an American citizen for seeking to educate lawmakers years ahead of its time.  That Miller did so while breaking no laws and spending only his own money to deliver his message was just beyond the pale for the SJWs at the Tennessean.  Just who does Miller think he is – Donald Trump? He must be destroyed!

But sheer incompetence of the junior journalists at the Tennessean should not be overlooked. The reporters gussied up the old news by trying to make it look like a story about “loopholes” in state law that allows people to do precisely what Miller did.  It’s just that the libs at the Tennesseans are apoplectic that some law they want has never been enacted.  So let’s beat up on a conservative for following the existing law. The Tennessean just added a couple of irrelevant “facts” (such as the boilerplate comments from the thoroughly discredited and wheezing left-wing mouthpiece, the Southern Poverty Law Center) and tried to make it look relevant.

In closing, we couldn’t help but notice the Tennessean’s inability to rein in it’s obsession with the late Jeremy Durham and dutifully inserted him into a story about a trip that Durham did not go on and that occurred before Durham was even elected.  Therefore, we offer you a headline from 2066:


LOGO edited

(circulation 47)


50th anniversary of Durham expulsion from the state legislature.

September 13, 2066

by Jane Doe

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