Durham has left the building.

“Durham Expulsion Doesn’t End Debate Over Sexual Harassment At The Tennessee Capitol.”  — WPLN

Now we have time to discuss all those other sexual harassment cases involving the Speaker……

To no one’s surprise, Jeremy Durham was ridden out of the legislature on a rail.  That he was the center of attention was no one’s fault but Durham’s — he was a hard-drinking, skirt-chasing cad.

But that he was politically executed after a spurious investigation and show-trial with few, if any, legal protections afforded even the most egregious hard-drinking, skirt-chasing cad is something that will haunt this legislature in the future and the future hauntings may take place sooner than many think.

Under the Law of “Unintended Consequences” the actions by the Speaker and her cronies against Durham, has opened up a Pandora’s box of other legislative miscreants who have done things similar to Durham but who have been assisted by leadership in covering up their transgressions.  But the fact they are allies of the Speaker makes their transgressions – and the cover-up — fair game.

Democrat Rep. Bo Mitchell began nibbling on the edges of this issue during the Durham floor debate when he brought up legislative staffer Jane Doe #24 and her alleged firing after she complained about harassment.  Mitchell was rewarded with having his microphone cut off by an alarmed Speaker.

Well, Madame Speaker, RTP has its own damned microphone.  Good luck cutting us off or stopping the numerous other folks around LP from discussing these “inconvenient truths.”  Your allies who have sexual harassment problems are still sitting in the legislature and are under your direct protection.  And your former staffer will be held accountable, regardless whether he entered rehab to “get help” or to avoid scrutiny at a particularly awkward time.

In the days ahead, RTP and its tipsters will vigorously pursue the gross hypocrisy surrounding House leadership.

Sayonara, Rep. Pants Candy.  Hello, Chairman Horn Dog.


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