Ethics complaints to be filed against leadership?

The RTP tipline has gone into overdrive the last 24 hours with word that ethics complaints will be filed against at least two senior House leaders on Monday.  The reports say those complaints will be filed just before or during the special session.

Compare these complaints to  Durham, who is likely guilty of something, but who has never had a single complaint filed against him or charges brought against him in advance of his scheduled public execution next week.  Wanna bet any new ethics complaints against leadership will result in a reaction similar to the Attorney General opening an investigation and anonymously interviewing scores of people in secret tribunals?  Yeah, we wouldn’t take that bet either.

Speaker Harwell never had the guts to send the Durham accusations to the Ethics Committee nor to present any formal charges against Durham.  Had she done so, she could have avoided dragging the entire legislature and members of her caucus through a public debacle that now serves as a lasting monument to her incompetence as a leader.

Let’s see if she will allow the legislature to address the ethics complaints being brought against her and others while they are all here in Nashville next week.  We’re sure she will have time to convene a session of the Ethics Committee.

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