So how’s the dog doing?

AG to Launch investigation of the Great Dog Attack of 2016?

Meet John Dog #38:

John Dog #38

John Dog #38

This poor pup was minding his (or possibly her) own business, when a bumbling politician invaded his territory.  After barking in an attempt to get the attention of Channel 4 or the Tennessean, the dog was left with no other choice than to call a special session to force the politician to resign her position and leave his damn yard.  It seems Speaker Harwell is not the only politician John Dog #38 has barked at, but was apparently the only one with whom he consummated the relationship by biting her on the tushie.

Herb Slatery was seen roaming the neighborhood with a wide net trying to get other dogs to talk, but to no avail.  Last we heard John Dog #38 was rehab in order to avoid public scrutiny and ridicule.

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Just when things could not get more weird, comes news that Beth Harwell was bitten by a dog as she campaigned door-to-door in South Nashville.  The first question is:  Does Beth think she is enough political trouble that she feels the need to go door-to-door in 93-degree heat?  RTP has heard rumors that she might be in some risk of losing, but until we see some polling we’ll just mark that up to wishful thinking.  But still….

Poor Beth.  First she drags the entire legislature through the needless Durham debacle, then she plays a key role in screwing up legislation so badly that it could cost the state $60 million, then the governor has to call a special session to fix her mistake and the session could cost $100,000 to pay for her incompetence.  Sure, Ron Ramsey shares some of the blame, but hey – he’s retiring, so Beth is left holding the bag.  Next time the Girl Scouts want to take someone on a Snipe hunt, all they have to do is call Beth and provide her with a cold bottle of coconut water and she is likely to sit there all night waiting for the Snipe to appear.

Yes, it looks like Beth has thoroughly demonstrated a penchant for being snake bit, but now she is dog bit as well.

We just hope John Dog #38 is taking antibiotics.  A dog can’t be too careful these days…

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