Here we go again…

State GOP takes down contact information for State Executive Committee members.

Action follows public release of roll call vote that denied GOP legislator the right to speak to the S.E.C.

It’s happened before….

Around noon on Saturday, Rep. Judd Matheny provided several members at the Tennessee Alliance of Tea Party and Liberty Groups the roll call vote that took place when the SEC decided 35-25 (including 9 proxies who conveniently voted against allowing him to speak) and encouraged attendees to call their SEC members and ask why they voted the way they did.  Within hours, the state party website removed the names and contact information for all SEC members:

SEC not found

As of this posting, the info was still not on the website.   And before Haynes rolls out a canned excuse such as the “site was down for maintenance,” we would point out that all other pages and links on the site were working properly.  It’s clear SECmembers were starting to get phone calls asking them to explain why they muzzled a 14-year state representative and refused to allow him to address teh state party.

This is not the first time the Haynes Hacks at the state party have pulled a similar stunt when facing controversy.  In April, just before Haynes and the establishment loaded up the delegation to the National Convention with former Bush and Rubio supporters at the expense of Trump delegates, the state party waited until the night before to release their preferred list, then immediately took down the contact info for the SEC members and others before the vote.  It was not restored for several days.

The state GOP, with its by-laws violation, its nepotism and self dealing financial arrangements, flipping off and its outrageous attempts to defeat incumbent GOP lawmakers while flipping off the 27 legislators who complained, is turning into what borders on a criminal (or certainly unethical) enterprise.  Their “do anything, say anything” to retain power is disgusting.

But never fear:  Rocky Top anticipated these creeps would pull something like this, so we screen shot the missing web pages a couple of weeks ago (below).

Recent news reports announced that Tennessee will experience a total solar eclipse in exactly one year.  But we invite Ryan and his little thugs to take this early opportunity to stick their list where the sun don’t shine, today…

Screenshot (55) edit Screenshot (56) edited Screenshot (57) edit Screenshot (58) edit





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