“Ice Bitch.”




In a disturbing development, RTP has learned that a state representative has repeatedly used a derogatory name to reference the director for Legislative Administration, Connie Ridley.

In several private meetings, the legislator repeatedly referred to Ridley as the “Ice Bitch.”  And no, Rocky Top is not making this up and it has been confirmed by impeccable sources.

So what happens now?  Any legislator who made such a vile, sexist and misogynistic slur is surely worthy of an Attorney General investigation, an ethics charge or at the very least, a sternly-worded David Plazas editorial in the Tennessean, right?

First things first, though.  RTP feels it is our civic duty to name the legislator who committed this foul insult.  The identity of the miscreant will surprise you, so brace yourself.  The legislator who will no doubt be ridden out of office on a wave of public revulsion for calling Ridley an “Ice Bitch” is:

Beth Harwell.

No, that is not a misprint.  And again, we are not making this up.  In private meetings with legislators who were complaining about Ridley’s abusive and dictatorial style (more on this later today), Harwell has been heard to say “Look, I know she’s an Ice Bitch, but….”

But you see, Harwell wasn’t using the term to criticize Ridley, but as a way to verbalize her admiration of Ridley’s ruthless use of her position to protect Harwell and the interests of the leadership.  Think of it as Kanye using the “N-word” to give a shout out to his favorite Homey.

So by now, we assume the Nashville Scene has developed a bad case of The Vapors over this anti-woman outrage, the editors at the Tennessean are busily writing their editorials calling for Harwell to resign over this misogynistic misstep and Gov. Haslam is distancing himself even as he instructs Mark Cate to get Stand for Children or some other political front group to launch a massive independent expenditure against Harwell in her re-election campaign.

Yeah, right.

If a conservative male legislator called Ridley an Ice Bitch, he would assuredly be raked across the coals and browbeat into submission at the alter of Political Correctness.  As for the crew here at RTP, we would never use the “B-word” in reference to our colleague, Mrs. Hot Chick.  We’ve all met her husband and we would like to keep all our teeth…

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