Attention all Rocky Top Tipsters

The last couple of weeks our servers we keep in the bathroom (just like Hillary) have been overheating with a flood of photos and documents related to the recent developments swirling around political luminaries such as Beth Harwell, Joe McCord, former and current staffers, big-name lobbyists, among others.

flaming computer screen 2Thank you for your submissions.  However, some of you are sending attachments (i.e., large photos) that we are having trouble downloading.  This is primarily due to our security software which we use to help protect our anonymity (as well as yours).  Also, office holders (i.e., legislators) — please do not use your official email accounts.  It just takes a minute to set up an anonymous email at Hotmail or  Remember, we are not that interested knowing your identity, just the quality and the reliability of your information.

This ain’t Texas – so keep it small when you can, and use protection.  And just keep in mind that even 1st graders have cell phones with cameras now, so let’s be careful out there.  While you are making out in the corner with your secretary, that lobbyist on the other side of the room talking on the phone is probably taking your picture at the same time.

Thanks – and keep ‘em coming.  We do believe we are making some people very nervous.  And that’s a good thing….

The Rocky Top Crew

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