What is Ryan Haynes up to?

Storming the castle

We take a momentary break from the myriad of Harwell scandals to bring you news of where the establishment is also trying to reward its cronies and silence its conservative critics.

This Saturday the Tennessee Republican State Executive Committee meets.  Usually post-election meetings such as this one are boring affairs with lots of housekeeping chores to do, etc.

Not this time.

One of the incumbent Republicans who was on the receiving end of the skullduggery that took place within GOP HQs (TaylorGate, for example) will be on hand to lay out the case that the state party organization has clandestinely and sometimes openly campaigned against incumbent Republicans to make a quick buck for their consultant friends (or their spouse) and do the bidding of the entrenched establishment.

This all started when Matheny reportedly sent Haynes multiple requests to address the SEC over a period of weeks, but was totally ignored by Haynes (no one has ever accused Haynes of being particularly fond of confrontations. Disingenuous, yes — brave, not so much).  Then a couple of days ago, after vociferous complaints from several SEC members, Haynes had a “change of heart” and told Matheny he could come address the group.

Matheny reportedly has stacks of physical evidence to back up his complaints that he and other conservatives were targeted and that their opponents were aided and abetted by members of the state party employees (or as Haynes euphemistically refers to them — “contract vendors.”).  It’s an accusation Haynes and his staff will not be eager to hear, particularly from one of the targets of their malfeasance.  But how can Haynes & Co. avoid the confrontation?  Here are some things to look for:

  1. Delay – It promises to be a long day tomorrow.  So Haynes might put Matheny on the program at the very end of the agenda and late in the day, when many members have left for the long drives home.
  2. Allot very little time (say, 5 minutes or so) so that Matheny has to rush through his presentation.
  3. When Matheny finishes, Haynes is not likely to open the floor to questions (unless it is to recognize only those who want to defend Haynes).  He is more likely to move quickly to another topic or adjourn. It wouldn’t surprise us if Haynes doesn’t stay for the entire meeting.
  4. Agenda – Haynes has told inquiring SEC members that his agenda for the meeting will not be ready until late today (Friday). Hmmm, where have we seen this stunt before?  Oh, that’s right – when Haynes rigged the selection of delegates to the RNC so that many “Trump” delegates and alternates were actually supporters of people like Rubio and Bush.  It was a pitiful play to stop the nomination of Trump, but Haynes dishonestly and brazenly jammed it through.

Also look for Haynes to try and jam through rules changes that will make it more difficult for people like Matheny to be heard.  Haynes has experience in this matter — he sided with Harwell and the House leadership back in 2015 when they tried to make it extremely difficult for conservatives from speaking from the floor of the House. The House GOP caucus roared its disapproval (see Barbarians at the Gate – part 3) and handed the leadership an embarrassing defeat.

Haynes and his handlers resent any alternative viewpoints, so look to them to try to make it more difficult to speak, call special meetings of the SEC or ask uncomfortable questions (i.e., Just how much money did the state GO pay Gregory Gleaves during the 2014 election cycle — and for what?).    Look for Haynes and his minions to try the same stunt tomorrow.

The truth almost always eventually comes out.  And one would hope tomorrow might be Ryan Haynes’ and his hacks’ moment of truth.




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