What Up Wit Dat?

lime in de coconut

Word is leaking to RTP (which these days is an almost hourly occurrence) that several top officials in the House met last week in (what they thought) was a secret meeting.  The meeting was to assess the scandals swirling around Harwell and impact on her future as Speaker.  It is not known whether Harwell was aware of the meeting or its entire agenda.  If she was not, then that would add a whole new level of intrigue.

Reportedly, the participants included House Clerk Joe McCord, Harwell chief of staff Scott Gilmer and Rep. Cameron Sexton.  There may have been others.

Sexton then reportedly walked out of the meeting and started making calls that many interpreted as his whipping votes for Speaker.  RTP is feeling generous, so we will offer an alternative motivation for Rep. Sexton:  If he wasn’t whipping votes for himself, maybe he was trying to see how many votes Harwell has lost.

We heard earlier this week that the Speaker has decamped to Canada for purposes unknown.  Maybe while she relaxes poolside with a cold Molson’s or a coconut water she can ponder the firestorm back home.

Take your time, Madame Speaker, the storm will still be here when you get back.

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