How NOT to get elected Speaker.

Is Rep. Cameron Sexton whipping votes to be Speaker?


Wow, the Speaker’s Ship of State has only just begun to start sinking and already the rats may be lining up.

Multiple reports coming in to Rocky Top indicate Rep. Cameron Sexton has been making calls and sending notes to people to gauge his level of support to be Speaker in the event Beth Harwell feels compelled to step down as the result of unfolding scandals.  While RTP has no independent confirmation that this is true (nor would we expect to on a matter this sensitive), we can confirm an increase in activity of Sexton communicating with legislators in the last 3-4 days.  But RTP believes the information is essentially accurate:  that Sexton is nosing around for support in the event Harwell goes down.

Geez, Cam, even the vultures wait until the carrion is cold before they begin to dine.

There have been reports that Sexton has had closed door meeting with a few legislators and some key staff to explore his chances.  If that is the case, after this posting we would venture to say his chances have deceased significantly.  Politicians are frequently delivered hard lessons when ambition overtakes one’s good judgement and capabilities.

Within the House GOP caucus there seems to be a growing consensus that whoever/whenever the next Speaker is chosen that it be someone who is imbued with a sense of humility, honesty and who has his or her ego and ambition firmly in check.  Many members, tired of the Naifeh-Harwell leadership methods of intimidation, punishment and payback, would welcome a calm voice of integrity instead of a Speaker who lurches from one crisis to another, always looking for someone to blame or punish.

The line for applying for Speaker lines up behind Sexton — wa-a-y behind.

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