Harwell on a VERY Hot Seat.

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Events rapidly unfolding that could bring down the Speaker.  Really.

Potentially “Titanic” scandal emerging in the aftermath of the Durham Debacle.

What Did The Speaker Know, and When Did She Know It?

Other high-ranking politicos said to be directly involved.

First, let us say this: RTP will not begin to try to explain everything that we have learned in this one post.  The players are too significant, the actions so outrageous, the agendas and motivations so diverse (and perverse), that it is hard for any one person, much less the entire RTP crew to get our heads around the situation, so we won’t even try to do so at one whack.

That said, we start with some background perspective:

We always wondered why Speaker Harwell went from “nonchalant” to “Frenetic Crusader” on the whole Durham affair.  One minute, she was nowhere to be found, then within just a few days she was freaking out: calling for Durham’s resignation, then his expulsion, then an AG investigation.  Durham was a complete misogynistic ass, no doubt.  But Harwell’s complete obsession seemed oddly out of proportion for someone who had been hanging around the frat house called the State Legislature for the last 20+ years.  It seemed as though everyone had heard the rumors, everyone knew at least some of the names involved in very similar circumstances.  If the rumors were true, then Harwell absolutely knew about these previous coverups because she would have been an active participant in each of them

Legislators, reporters, staff, the kitchen crew in the LP cafeteria were all asking the same questions:  Why now?  Why this case?  What about all the other incidents with other people where the Speaker never publicly lifted a finger or her voice to investigate?

The more cynically inclined might surmise she focused on Durham because he was her political enemy as well as a thorn in the governor’s backside.  The collective consensus here at RTP felt there was perhaps some validity in that theory.  But we are now learning that Durham’s renegade attitude towards the establishment was only a relatively minor reason for Beth’s new-found outrage.  The real motivation of the Speaker now appears to be far more sinister and far more damaging.

Part One:  The “Rumors”

If the Speaker was not motivated primarily by political retribution, then what?  RTP believes she was and continues to be motivated by that most basic of instincts: her own political survival.

The attorney for one of the women who testified against Durham summed up what a lot of people were thinking yesterday when he said: “You can’t show up wearing a cape and acting as a savior when you sat there years ago and were aware of the culture and did nothing.”*

Or as Rocky Top prefers to put it:

What Did Beth Know, and When Did She Know It?

As it turns out, Beth knew quite a bit and she apparently protected the people involved because they were friends and allies of hers – and the women who were harassed and abused be damned. But what was just rumor has turned into something more tangible.  There have been threats, anonymous emails and Facebook messages and mailings with no return address (but with physical clues accidentally left by the sender).  It has not been limited to the woman and her family — some of the emails were circulated among several people in her hometown.  The sum is a disturbing pattern of the systematic personal harassment of one of the women who came forward.

Why is this woman being targeted?  Although there are several scenarios, they all end at the doorstep of Speaker Harwell. There is a LOT more to this story and it is as sordid and diabolical as anything you’ve seen on House of Cards.

With this post we will begin to be painfully specific by highlighting three of the most prominently accused and Beth’s role in covering for the culture.  Also, we will carefully lay out the possible motives for why all of this has taken place.  Although the average political observer should easily be able to figure out who these individuals are, we will leave it to the news media to provide the specific names — mainly because the media has better lawyers than RTP.

Committee Chairman #1 – The suspect in question still sits in the legislature, is a staunch ally of the Speaker and the Governor and is still a committee chair – despite the accusations and the available facts

END OF POST 4:06  CDT 8/4/2016 – Updated frequently.


[*Editor’s note:  The attorney representing one of the women, Kevin Teets, is a preening left-wing Democratic Party operative.  But hey – even preening political operatives can figure out the score when it’s hand-delivered to them.  Since the whole culture of sexual and alcoholic abuse reached its zenith in the Naifeh years, it seems oddly appropriate that the attorney assuming a seat on a white horse would be a direct product of a cesspool and culture perfected by the Democrats and which continues today, thanks to the GOP House leadership.  Much more on Mr. Teets in later postings.]

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