Oh, this ain’t the only secret Gleaves is hiding…

Former Harwell chief-of-staff routing anti-conservative direct mail through West Virginia company.

So when RTP blew the whistle on Taylor Ferrell and the nepotists, inside dealers, by-law breakers and other slimeballs at the state GOP HQs, HQ team quickly tried to do a Nixonian “modified-limited-hangout,” claiming they told Taylor Ferrell to “withdraw” from a couple of her campaigns against incumbent GOP legislators (without naming who she actually withdrew from, of course).

But just like a Mexican drug cartel, when one pipeline shuts down, another is opened up and so too did the money-grubbing gang at HQ try to disguise their anti-conservative activities.   Word is they have funneled money to, among others, former state GOP exec. director and former Harwell chief-of-staff Gregory Gleaves’ direct mail business.

gleaves and Haslam-editedFor example, in 2014 the TN Republican Party’s #1 vendor was their old exec. director, Gleaves.  OpenSecrets.org said Gleaves was paid $197,619.  Of course, since the state GOP conve-e-e-niently does not file the same detailed reports as candidates and PACs must, it is near impossible to determine just how corrupt these people are.  It is probably much more than $187,619, but that’s all they could find.  What little is reported is usually done far after the fact, when the damage is done and people aren’t paying close attention like they are right now.

This is what has become of the TN GOP HQs cabal — handing out insider, no-bid contracts to their friends.  Any wonder that what Haynes and the state party staff told 27 legislators and the state executive committee about the sleazy arrangement with Taylor Ferrell (the wife of the state party’s political director) was widely considered to be a pack of lies?   Yeah — they are that dirty.

Well never fear:  the blog Tennessee Leaders (www.tennesseeleaders.com) is starting to peel back other layers on how the establishment launders its money and its activities in order to hide it from the public and help out their cronies, even if it means they attack and try to defeat loyal Republican office holders in the process.

They have discovered that Gleaves — who left Harwell’s staff a couple of years ago in a decidedly hurried manner — has been routing his business through a non-descript house in Elkins, WV.  This is a house that Gleaves’ “strategic partner” Greg Capelli owns (or used to own until he divorced his wife then filed bankruptcy, causing her to sue him — and win) and that he  lists as an address for Paragon Campaigns.  Of particular note is the more than $10,000 that candidate Willie Lockhart, running against Harwell nemesis Rep. Judd Matheny, payed to Paragon for campaign direct mail.  See, that way Gleaves can lie through his teeth and say he is not engaged in any campaigns against GOP incumbents, while he quietly splits the pot with his “mule” Capelli.  Here is a photo of Capelli:

 "El Chapo" Capelli

Greg “El Chapo” Capelli

Nice “collar-flip” there, dude.  Tres cool.

RTP crew did a little more digging and found that in 2014, in addition to the $167,000 paid him by the state party, Gleaves was paid $284,000 by the TN Legislative Campaign Committee, which was the main campaign expenditure committee of — yep — the Tennessee Republican Party.  He was also paid $33,000 by the House Republican Caucus.  Just from these three Republican party organizations, Gleaves was paid about $500,000 (that we know of).  Tack on another $610,000 he was paid by big non-profit PACs (many of which campaigned against Republicans who were on the outs with Harwell, the Guv and the establishment) and the Gleaves’ haul came to over $1.1 million.  It was probably more.

Money-grubbing parasites, trying to protect heir piggy banks at the expenses of conservative Tennesseans.

Where else are Gleaves, Harwell and Haslam playing “hide the sausage” while trying to knock off incumbent members of the GOP caucus?  We encourage Tennessee Leaders to keep going — there are other rocks to turn over and more snakes to slither out before this is all done.







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