Make him spend it all, Congressman!

Starrett doubles down with Mummy and Daddy’s trust fund.

Also doubles down on his “employment” claim.

Exposing a candidate for being such a fraud can be really tiresome, but after this Thursday perhaps we won’t have to waste our incredibly valuable time focusing on the Dilettante from Del Rey, the Poser from Pacific Palisades, the Hoser from Hollywood, Mr. California, AKA Grant Starrett.

But the Trust Fund Baby Who Would Be Congressman keeps stepping in it, so we keep drawing our readers’ (both of ’em) attention to his running disaster of a campaign narrative.

Less than 24 hours after Rocky Top blew the whistle on Grant Starrett’s phony claims of employment, which included the complete absence of any company named Lion Real Estate filed with the Secretary of State, someone (we are assuming it was Grant) filed a company with the name Lion Real Estate with the SOS office. They used an attorney in Chattanooga and — here’s where it gets weird — the filer gave a mailing address for the company as somewhere in Astoria, NY (New York?!).  An alert Rocky Top Tipster ( looked up the address. There is someone named David J. Collins listed at that address and who, until fairly recently, lived in Chattanooga.  Here is a photo of that address:

Astoria photo

Yeah, that doesn’t look like anyplace we’ve every seen in Murfreesboro.  Dunlap, maybe, but not Murfreesboro.

Then yet another RTP tipster (these guys are everywhere) sent us this Facebook message exchange between a woman who must have been questioning Grant on his bogus resume.  We publish it here (with the woman’s name redacted) for your enjoyment:

Starrett facebook post

So here are a couple of highlights from this message from Grant:

  1.  He is asking the woman to go off-line and send him her “private message with your phone number.” — Isn’t this the sort of thing that got Jeremy Durham in so much trouble?
  2. He said he doesn’t have “any idea” who did this filing.  Why do we have a really hard time believing that?
  3. He said the Lion Real Estate that he works for is registered in Delaware.  Nice try there, Grant. Half the freaking corporations in  the country are registered in Delaware.  Why don’t you just admit Lion Real Estate’s headquarters and only real office is in Beverly hills, CA?
  4. Starrett has changed his job description yet AGAIN.  Old job title:  Exec. Vice President and Special Counsel.  New job title:  Director of Research.  What — did he get demoted?

Is all this just a coincidence?  Oh, puhleeeze.  This would be one of the greatest political coincidences since Ted Cruz’ father posed for a photo with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Once again, we will ask Mr. Starrett a very simple question:  What is the physical address of your “real estate office” in Murfreesboro?  Got a phone number? An email address? Hell, we’ll settle for an emery board or a ballpoint pen with the name and address printed on it.  Now that we know the ubiquitous Lion Real Estate has addresses in Beverly Hills and possibly Astoria, NY, it would be nice to know where you hung your shingle in Murfreesboro.  We’ll try not to hold our breath.

It was revealed just today that Starrett also doubled down on his personal contributions to his campaign, dumping another $200,000 from the ol’ family trust fund for the second time in three weeks.

They say money can’t buy you love.  Perhaps Grant Starrett is also about to learn it can’t buy you a congressional seat either.

You ain’t from here, boy.  And all the gold in California won’t change that fact.

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