The Grant Starrett Fairy Tale Continues…

tinkerbellLess than 24 hours after Rocky Top blew the whistle on Grant Starrett’s fake employment, Starrett appears to have filed a business with the Secretary of State with the name Lion Real Estate.

This morning radio host Michael DelGiorno revealed that Grant Starrett has tried to cover his lie, but only compounded it in the process.

[The pertinent documents are below.  Special thanks to yet another loyal RTP Tipster for the info.]

We always knew Grant was a carpet-bagging dilettante from California.  We also knew Grant graduated from Stanford University in California, and we thought you had to be smart to graduate from there.

But what Grant apparently did is so incredibly stupid on so many levels.  First, he actually seems to think that running out and filing the name of his fictitious company (Lion Real Estate of Murfreesboro, TN) would actually cover up the fact that he has been lying to the public and the news media for the last 17 months.  All this will do is draw attention to his lie.  Maybe they offer a graduate course at Stanford called “How not to be Unsmart” (apologies to Dan Quayle).  Grant should sign up for it next semester and use some of his family’s trust fund to pay for the tuition.

But the stupidity doesn’t in there.  Oh, no.  In making his filing, “Lion Real Estate” used a Chattanooga Law firm (instead of using a lawyer in the 4th District).  They also used a mailing address in Astoria, NY (not even in the state).

Come to think of it, isn’t Grant supposed to be the lawyer for Lion Real Estate?  Weren’t they paying him with a big campaign contribution – er – salary to be their Special Legal Counsel?  Have you reported the $45,000 you got  “working” for a fictitious company all during your campaign to the Federal Election Commission yet?  Don’t you think you should?  But good luck with that —  I hear they don’t much care for backdated documents meant to cover a candidates’ ass after the fact.

And who’s doing your personal financial disclosures — Bob Corker?

You may have a few million dollars that Mummy and Daddy gave you to run for Congress, Grant, but you are definitely not ready for the big time.


starrett filing #1






Starret filing #2

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