Is that “LION” or is it “LYIN’ Real Estate,” Grant?

pants on fire 2After RTP exposed Grant Starrett earlier for having what appears to be a phony job, conservative radio host Michael DelGiorno today poured gasoline on Grant’s already-flaming pants.

If Starrett wants to put an end to the speculation that he is faking his resume, he can answer a couple of simple questions:

Let’s say we wanted to send a letter to you Grant, in your office and in your capacity as the “Special Counsel and Executive Vice President of Lion Real Estate in Murfreesboro, TN.”  Exactly WHERE would we send that letter, Grant?  What is the physical address of Lion Real Estate in Murfreesboro or anywhere else in Tennessee?  Your home address doesn’t count.

But hey, we’re not picky.  Maybe you could give us Lion Real Estate’s Murfreesboro phone number?  Or how about a Tennessee website?  Hell, we’ll even settle for an email address (just so long as it’s one you didn’t create since this morning).

The RTP crew has sent our tipsters all over Murfreesboro looking for real estate signs that say Lion Real Estate.  So far, no luck.  Does Lion Real Estate even OWN a piece of property in Murfreesboro, Grant?  RTP even had a Realtor buddy look up any listings for Lion Real Estate on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  He didn’t find jack squat either.

Yeah, It’s looking more and more like LYIN’ Real Estate is the proper name for Grant Starrett’s “employer.”

Time to change your pants, Grant.

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