Starrett: card-carrying member of the “Whine & Brie” club.

Starrett Mr. California

Starrett can dish it, but proves he can’t take it.

After dumping all over Cong. Scott DesJarlais, Californian Grant Starrett squealed like a stuck pig when DesJarlais returned the favor.  Starrett pompously demanded both candidates “refrain from personal attacks and talk about the issues.”

After spending nearly a million dollars from his parents’ trust fund, the Starrett campaign has only been able to come up with 2 or 3 obscure votes that he has used as his entire justification for replacing DesJarlais.  Lacking traction with the voters, he rolled out a rather pitiful attempt to dissuade the DesJarlais camp from talking about the 5,000 lb. elephant in the room – you know, that Grant Starrett is a carpetbagging dilettante from California who has never even voted in a congressional election in the district he seeks to represent in Congress.

Starrett issued his proclamation, then immediately proceeded to attack DesJarlais personally.

So much for détente from the dilettante.

sarah palin

“Hey, Grant — Did ya lose something?”

News Flash for Grant:  Politics in Tennessee ain’t beanbag, surfer boy.  Maybe that is how they do it on the “Whine & Brie” circuit in your hometown of Beverly Hills, but around these parts you strap on your big girl panties and refrain from sticking out your lower lip whenever you discover there are some things your parents’ money can’t buy.

Like credibility.

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