Code Busters



“Harwell stressed that the privacy of the victims who came forward should be respected and retaliation against those who did wouldn’t be tolerated.

“I ask that the privacy of the victims in this report be protected, said Harwell. “Anyone who politicizes this is doing a disservice to the victims.”

Oh really?  Would that include you, Madame Speaker?

McDaniel said some in the Ad Hoc committee worried about the safety and anonymity of those who came forward.

“We don’t want people to find try to find out who these people are because it would be unfair to them,” McDaniel said.  “We spent hours discussing how to avoid making these victims victims again.”

Yeah, well you apparently didn’t spend enough time on that, did you Sparky?

So let’s see if we have this straight:  Speaker Harwell, AG Slatery, Chairman Steve McDaniel were all aflutter about preserving the anonymity of the people interviewed.  If that was truly the case,


That’s right, all you need to identify almost every name in the report is the simple code:


Hell, we used tougher codes than that when we were passing notes in 5th grade to Susie Simpkins.

It is only a matter of time before someone starts releasing the names.  It won’t take long and frankly we are surprised it hasn’t already happened.

In what was already a totally f**ked-up investigation, the Speaker has somehow managed to screw it up even more.  Stupidity and/or incompetent conniving is the only way to describe it.  Certainly concern for the witnesses wasn’t the first thing on their minds.  Only Rep. Billy Spivey had the guts to point this out and refused to sign the letter unless anonymity was addressed.  In their rush to get the dirt out on Rep. Pants Candy in time for early voting, the Ad Hoc Committee and leadership blew right by Spivey’s concerns.

“Stupid, incompetent or conniving.”  It’s got to be one (or all) of the three, Madame Speaker.


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