Who ya gonna believe? Rick Tillis or your lyin’ eyes?

Tillis tries to explain his bad NRA rating.  Raises more questions.

Rick Tillis, legislative candidate in district 92, squealed when Rocky Top pointed out his grade from the NRA had been magically changed from an abysmal “C” to an “A” after panicked phone calls to the NRA from his establishment friends.

So candidate Rick, smarting from his ever-changing grade, wrote Rocky Top a couple of days ago with this message:

“You need to research your facts a little deeper before posting something that is totally false. I would appreciate a correction sent out by your blog.”

We bet you would, Rick.  But alas, you did not offer any specifics as to what precisely we got wrong.  So let us help you out.

Where to start?  So much stupidity, so little time.  Just what part of the hard tangible evidence provided by Rocky Top was false, Rick?  The part where the original NRA website said you suck, or the part about Haynes and Harwell making the phone call to the NRA?  Sorry, champ – it appears that it is all true.

To further illustrate our impressive capacity for veracity, we offer the latest “Rick Rant” he posted on Facebook the morning after RTP exposed his horrible, no good, miserable NRA rating and the subsequent changing of his grade.  This was only up for a short while before someone in his campaign with an IQ higher than a hamster realized it was probably not a good idea (and once again, we thank an anonymous tipster for the screen shot):

tillis facebook 3


Aside from the fractured syntax and incomplete sentences, can anyone tell us what this fool is talking about?  Let’s see if we understand this: Tillis says he got a bad score from an organization because he was a member of that organization?   Huh?

Notice also that he employs the “I am stupid” defense by saying the questionnaires are confusing.  Funny, no one else in the entire election has complained that the NRA questionnaires are confusing.  In fact, they are brutally straightforward.


So Rick, we will apologize to you the moment you demonstrate you are able to grab your derriere with both hands.  Until then, remember the first rule of gun safety, which also is conveniently the first rule of politics:

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot.  Or the ass.

Rick Tillis takes aim at his opponent.


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