Harwell Reaps What She Sows.

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  • 416 news articles,
  • a five-month investigation,
  • 78 witnesses,
  • hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars,
  • short cutting House Rules and the State Constitution,
  • squandering the trust and good will of her fellow legislators
  • while raising suspicions she was digging up dirt on all of her political opponents,

Speaker Beth Harwell finally relents and agrees to what was suggested months before she dragged the legislature through this debacle – allow the voters to decide Jeremy Durham’s fate.

Harwell then disingenuously begged that “the privacy of these victims in this report be protected.”  This, after she moved heaven and earth to release the very report that identifies these women with only a fig leaf of anonymity.

She added:  “Anyone who politicizes this is doing a disservice to the victims.”

Oops!  Too late, Beth!  You did that when you insisted the report be released.  A general summary of the results of the investigation would have sufficed, but no-o-o-o.  You had to make sure the most titillating, prurient details were hung up like so much dirty laundry.   It’s like the women have now been assaulted by two legislators:  Durham and Harwell.  But we are confident everyone within earshot of the Speaker will go along with her request, because – Sisterhood!

Ad Hoc Chair Steve McDaniel joined in the drum circle by essentially asking the public not to read the report he had just voted to make public, pleading for everyone to“avoid making these victims victims again.”

What a bunch of incompetent, effin’ hypocrites.

Nevertheless, we suppose some sort of recognition of Harwell’s efforts are in order, so here ya go:

Congratulations, Madame Speaker, on your great “victory!”

Hope it was worth it.

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