What about Bob?

Did anyone actually take seriously the talk about Sen. Bob Corker being Trump’s running mate?  Nah, we didn’t think so.  So it comes as no surprise that Corker just pulled out of consideration for the Veep slot.

corker and trumpThe latest “Boomlet for Bob” was yesterday’s appearnace with Trump.  While Bob joined Trump in a photo-op that displayed their comical differences in physical stature, Tennessee media breathlessly reported Bob was being “vetted” to be Trump’s running mate.  Of course, so were about a gazillion other people.  Bob’s inclusion in the “vetted” list was likely a favor delivered by his friend, A.B. “Ten Mile TN” Culvahouse, who is doing the vetting for Trump.  The whole process is just like the Oscars:  “Although I wasn’t selected, it’s a honor just to be nominated,”  said the losing actress through clenched teeth.

The whole Kabuki dance was probably an attempt to raise Corker’s stature with the voters back home, where Corker should be worrying about making it through the GOP primary in 2018.  There are serious folks who are seriously thinking about seriously challenging Corker, and for good reason:  they think he can be beat in the primary.  That is probably why Corker basked for a while in his new, if unearned, Trumpian fame.  Anything to change the subject and to suck up to the great unwashed masses (aka GOP primary voters), most of whom are supporting Trump.

There is also the looming controversy about Corker’s personal finances.  There are his Senate financial disclosure reports (which he has amended 5 times in the last two years) where he just kinda, sorta forgot to include a few million dollars in income.  But that reporting violation is just the tip of a potential iceberg.  Rumors of insider trading, proprietary information, off-shore accounts, etc. are swirling around the junior senator from Tennessee.  Wasting time explaining your VP running mate’s financial deals is not the thing a presidential nominee (who has “complicated” financial deals of his own ) wants to be doing in the fall election.

But in addition to the ethics concerns, Corker was going to have a really tough time explaining away his role in the absolutely disastrous Iran Deal.  Not only was the deal horrible, but Corker allowed himself to be completely snookered by the Obama administration.  Tennessee voters in particular have just a wee problem with Mr. Obama playing their junior senator like a cheap violin.

And further complicating Bob’s situation is this photo:

Corker Obama








Serving as Barack’s caddy, either on the golf course or in the U.S. Senate, is a devastating image hard to overcome.  That’s why RTP boldly predicted that the closest Bob would get to the Vice President’s office is the White House Christmas party, a fact now confirmed by the Washington Post.

It just seems at every turn, Bob comes up, well, short.


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