French Kissed


Just when we thought we were going to have the opportunity to elect the first President of the United States from Columbia (home of Mule Days!) since James Knox Polk, we were disappointed to find out the candidate who no one had ever heard of announced he was not going to run.

National Review writer David French being half-way seriously mentioned as a candidate for POTUS was only the latest weird event in an already weird election. The lube mechanic at John Roberts Nissan in Manchester probably has a bigger political base than David French, but that did not stop the talking heads of the national media from opining what French’s candidacy might mean to the race (Short answer: it would mean absolutely nothing).

But the lessons to be learned from such things as the departure of French before he even entered the race was lost on our “Republican” governor. Haslam previously quietly backed Jeb Bush, who pulled out before he even made it to Tennessee.  Then he publicly backed Marco Rubio, who promptly lost 94 out of Tennessee’s 95 counties.

So now, Bill Haslam pontificates that Trump’s “attacks on Republican governors are not helpful.” He also threatened he is not going to endorse Trump until he meets with him at the Republican Convention.  He further postulates:

“From a state’s perspective there’s a lot of things that we’d like to share with a candidate from our party about what’s important in terms of state and federal relationships.”

Gee, Bill, you seem to laboring under the illusion that Donald Trump gives a rat’s ass what you think.

If we were Trump, we would view Haslam’s non-endorsement as a good thing – especially considering Haslam’s track record of political failures:

  • Common Core – Haslam demanded it be the education policy of the state. The Legislature cancelled it.
  • Repeal of the Hall Income Tax – Haslam campaigned against repeal. The Legislature passed it overwhelming. Haslam threatened to veto, but then wimped out.
  • InsureTN/Obamacare expansion — Haslam demanded it. Legislature said “Forget it.”
  • Syrian Refugee Resettlement Lawsuit – Haslam said Obama was doing a “good job” of dumping “refugees” into the Volunteer state. Legislature said: “File the lawsuit against the Feds or we will.”

The list goes on and on and on.

If Trump wants to get elected president, the last thing he needs is Bill Haslam’s endorsement.


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