Burn, Baby, Burn!

Andy Holt calls out the municipalities who are raking in the dough from the “speed camera shakedown.”

KNS editorial whines without successfully refuting a single point made by Holt.

Andy HoltWhen the Resistance (aka, Donald Trump, aka anti-establishment, aka the peasant revolt) swings into full gear, we will look back on Rep. Andy Holt’s ticket-burning video (500,000 YouTube views and counting) and mark it as a place where the great unwashed struck back at the overbearing, politically correct, bureaucrats who spend most of the 2 hours they work at their jobs every day trying to squeeze more blood out of the rock they call “the taxpayers.”

But the revolt didn’t stop the Knoxville News Sentinel, at the behest of the local police chief, from immediately rising up to attack Holt for – well – telling the God’s truth.

They also claim Knoxville made $309,000 off the cameras last year while the camera companies racked up $1 million. The differences in those two numbers should tell you everything you need to know about the nature and motivation for this taxpayer shakedown. Just have some outfit from Texas set up the cameras, then the bureaucrats just sit back without doing a damn thing (something they are very good at) and watch the money from the suckers, er, taxpayers roll in. And if the traffic bureaucrats were only concerned about “safety” and the best interests of the public, then why didn’t they turn over the county’s share to something worthwhile, like a traffic victims fund or — god forbid — a taxpayer rebate. No, instead these governmental parasites padded their office budget, the little people be damned.

Thank you, Andy Holt. We can’t wait to see who you burn next.



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