Ad Hoc Committee? We don’ need no stinking Ad Hoc Committee!

Is the AG’s office “back-channeling” the Speaker with dirt on her fellow Republicans?

Once again, our cracked team of investigative busybody tipsters ( delivered something of interest.  The photo below shows the lead investigators from the AG’s office huddled with the Speaker’s chief of staff Scott Gilmer and Harwell sycophant Joe McCord, with nary an Ad Hoc Committee member in sight.

Gilmer office editedThe photo shows Gilmer, McCord, AG attorney Bill Young and a woman believed to be the other lead AG attorney.  The woman to the far left looks like it could be Hillary Clinton, but that would create a conspiracy theory that even we find a little hard to swallow.

Ya see, the Ad Hoc committee was formed just days after Harwell jumped the gun and announced an investigation of the hapless Jeremy Durham.  It seems the Speaker did not have the authority to unilaterally engage the AG in an investigation and had to quickly backpedal and form a committee to administer that request and to reportedly run the investigation.  One would think that the Speaker would know the damn rules of the House.

One would be wrong.

So once the Ad Hoc committee was formed, the Speaker planted her informants in the committee room.  Doug Himes was there, and as the lawyer for the House ostensibly had a reason for being there.  House Clerk Joe McCord was placed there by Beth, even though he had no official role to play.  Committee members quickly figured that out and McCord’s butt was booted from the room.

But Harwell is not allowing such annoyances as rules and due process to get in the way of her apparent drive to dig up dirt on those GOP caucus members who disagree with her.  Everyone even remotely involved in the whole sordid investigation have voiced suspicions that the AG’s office is delivering their dirt directly to Harwell.  So take another look at the photo and ask yourself:

“Who are you going to believe — the Speaker or your lying eyes?”

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