Dispatches from the Bunker

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After the flurry of Breitbart articles that exposed the disturbing turns in the investigation of Jeremy Durham, one had only to walk near the office of the Speaker on Monday to detect there was something wrong in Harwelland.

While it was hard to hear above the whirring of paper shredders and the sound of hammers destroying iPhones, one could not miss the scurrying of lawyers in and out of the Speaker’s office. RTP sources say the lead scurry-er was Doug Himes, the Speaker’s in-house lawyer and someone who appears to have direct access to the Speaker, the Ad Hoc committee as well as the Attorney General’s office. That would make Douglas an important – or should we say a “marked” – man.

There have been more than a few rumors that Himes, among others, was using his position to funnel information from the AG investigation to the Speaker’s office through and around the Ad Hoc committee. To put it another way: is any dirt the AG’s investigators-for-hire turned up on legislators (other than Durham) being delivered to Harwell for use as political pressure (i.e., political blackmail) against her opponents, especially those in her own caucus?

That Himes appears to have been irretrievably compromised is just the tip of the iceberg headed for the HMS Harwell. There are also the persistent rumors that Harwell has known about other cases of sexual harassment and personal peccadilloes among legislators and staff that she and/or her minions have conveniently covered up.

But the Durham investigation has moved from a tar-baby mess casting serious doubt on Harwell’s leadership credibility, and has now morphed in to something far more serious.

It could take more and better lawyers than Doug Himes to put Humpty Dumpty Harwell’s speakership back together again.

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