Legislators — and Staff — in Heat!

With everything that’s going on with the debacle at State GOP headquarters, one would think there could not possibly be room for another scandal.

One would be wrong.

The rumor mill is abuzz that a former top aide for a current top legislative leader was hustled out the door a couple of years ago to avoid the embarrassment of a sexual harassment charge against the staff member. The departure was so rapid, many did not know the staffer was gone until weeks later.

Question silhouetteWhile the incident(s) and the names of the people allegedly involved have been known for some time to a fair number of people, the principals were hoping it was all water under the bridge (“What happens in the Plaza, stays in the Plaza”). But supposedly a recent series of inquiring phone calls has generated new attention about the situation.

As the story goes, the person who was being “harassed” by the top staffer had also been carrying on a liaison amour with an elected official who was caught in flagrante delicto by their spouse (sorry for all the Frenchie words. One of the RTP crew just finished a refresher course at Roane State).

At this point all we know is that if true, the incident(s) could easily create a massive shakeup in legislative leadership, especially if the sexual harassment charge is true. Kinda hard to cast the first stone when you live in such a large glass House.

In addition, yet another current senior legislator is said to have had his paramour (is that another French word?) on his payroll for years before the heat of the situation compelled him to move her to another Capitol office job, where she still works. But he still sees her on regular basis and we hear the relationship is smokin’.

And for a change, neither the harasser(s), the harassed nor the randy legislators has anything to do with Jeremy Durham.  We think.

Sacre bleu! — the crew at Rocky Top are just glad we didn’t get one of those phone calls.




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