And now for a short break from the state GOP scandal…


….in this year’s General Assembly.

Its alive



AFP and Andy Ogles. When it looked like the Hall Income Tax repeal was dead on arrival, the AFP crew lathered up the paddles, shocked the thing back to life and Ogles was heard to exclaim in his best Gene Wilder imitation: “It’s ALIVE!” 

Much to the sputtering outrage of Harwell, Haslam, and Charles Sargent Ogles was right…the bill was alive and soon the Hall Income Tax was dead! It was the top priority for AFP this year, and got what they wanted. That’s a win in anybody’s book.

TEA and Jim Wrye. As much as it pains us to tag the TEA/Wrye team as “winners” the RTP crew always tells it like it is. That’s why you love/hate us! The fact is that TEA and Wrye were on the ropes with Paycheck Protection and the Voucher bills rolling forward with Big Mo. Then the RINOs led by Harwell and her cronies stepped in to pull the rug out from under those who “trusted” Harwell, and to a lesser extent Haslam, as being on their side. But while the TEA and Wrye may have narrowly escaped with their hides intact this Session, those Republicans who took TEA money and do their bidding may not fare so well come GOP Primary time in just a few short months. Look for Paycheck Protection to make another appearance next year when there is no election to worry about. Payback is a bitch.

Sen. Randy McNally. With the retirement of Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey everyone kind of expected a brawl for the top spot in the Senate. But Randy looks to be in line to put on the “boots” without firing a shot. Presumably the brutal battle for the Lt. Governor’s office, or at least a slap fight, will begin soon once Randy lets us in on how long he actually intends to hold the office.

Rep. Billy Spivey.  Orchestrating the surprising Hall Income Tax repeal as he was heading to the exit was masterful. It definitely ranks up there with the surprise repeal vote on Common Core in 2014 that shocked leadership. Oh yeah, Spivey was behind that one, too.

Billy will be missed; hopefully, not for long.

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