On what planet did they think this was a good idea? Uranus?

Chairman Ryan Haynes

Chairman Ryan Haynes

GOP State Party officials caught in a huge conflict-of-interest.

27 GOP legislators call Haynes and staff on the carpet for “unethical” behavior.

Wife of state GOP political director paid to defeat incumbent Republican officeholders.

In the Pantheon of Dumb Political Operatives, these people deserve a special place of honor. Instead of us here at RTP rehashing today’s events, we provide our loyal readers (both of ‘em) the actual letter, delivered of course by (more than) one of our Merry Band of Tipsters.

Letter 1 letter 2


There is already major fallout over this, what with everyone scurrying to cover their behinds. But the facts are pretty damning – and Haynes, the Ferrells, Brian Leatherwood and others (which we will name in coming posts) have a lot of ‘splaining to do.

Spiff up those resumes, kiddies. Time to look for a new job.

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