Fer Sher, dude.

Starrett tries to fake it, California style.

Action Andy on the case.

This weekend, our crack team of analysts here at RTP had just finished their analysis of the latest FEC filings in the Tennessee’s 4th Congressional district and were preparing to write it up when Chattanooga Times Free Press reporter Andy Sher beat us to the punch.

Some interesting facts gleaned from the Sher article and our own analysis of the latest filings by the Boy from California, Grant Starrett:

  • Of 64 individual contributors listed, Starrett received contributions from just 19 people in Tennessee. Over 70% of his contributors came from out of state.  Since he announced, over 90% of the contributors came from outside Tennessee
  • Only two of those contributions actually came from individuals within the district he seeks to represent, and one of those from a guy on the campaign payroll (kick-backs, anyone?).
  • Starrett included another $5,400 from two contributors, but left out the fact that those funds were for the general election and can’t be used in his race against Des Jarlais.
  • Starrett’s biggest contributors, again, came from California where Grant lived until a couple of years ago.
  • Starrett has (so far) plowed $1/2 million into his race to become the next congressman from Murfreesboro (or is it Malibu?). Even more amazing is that the lawyer who has never practiced the law did so as a 28-year-old trust fund baby.

What Knockers!

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Starrett and his Posse like to brag that his campaign is “knocking on 5,000 doors per week”, the implication being that he has a whole gaggle of volunteers going door-to-door with him. In reality, Starrett has hired 23 “volunteer” door knockers (paying them around $60,000 in the last two months). And less than half of them even live in the district.

The exact amount of money Starret has given his own campaign is $499,961.  Apparently Poppy told him his trust allowance only went to $500,000 per year. Mummy said they would be willing to buy their boy a congressional seat, but they’d be damned if they were going to pay for a landslide.

The Bottom Line:  Without pumping in another cool quarter million into his campaign just before midnight on the last reporting day for the F.E.C., Starrett would have raised less than $60,000 for his primary – meaning DesJarlais actually outraised Starrett nearly 2-to-1 during the last reporting period.

This may be the first time in a long time (maybe ever) that DesJarlais has outraised an opponent.

And Grant is learning that good knockers don’t come cheap.


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