Tom Humphrey’s Defense of the Establishment is just Gross.

The Dean of the state’s political reporters (at least those who are left) took to his column on Sunday in a rather feeble and contorted attempt to defend the indefensible. In the process, he assigned dastardly deeds and mean motives to people he thought had offended an establishment candidate — on4 who was foisted on the public as part of a corrupt political process. He failed miserable at almost every turn.

State GOP executive committee member Ken Gross was appointed by Ryan Haynes and a majority of his fellow committee members to represent Trump. This was done despite the fact the Trump campaign opposed him and because Gross did not run as a Trump delegate, did not support Trump in the election, and publicly criticized Trump as a liberal Democrat on social media. The Trump campaign offered more acceptable names, but Chairman Ryan Haynes refused to consider them and created his own slate while not allowing any other slates to be voted on. Nah, nothing suspicious about that.

Even though hundreds of thousands of Tennessee Republicans voted for Trump and thousands campaign openly for him, volunteered for him and put signs up in their yards and stickers on their cars supporting him, young Ryan instead chose someone who openly attacked Trump. Gross said it was just “innocent political banter.” Oh, puhleeze. That lame defense is a puerile and pathetic. If someone had openly attacked Rubio as a piece of crap or worse, would Ryan have appointed that person a Rubio delegate? Of course not.

Humphrey said the Cruz campaign remained silent (as though shutting up while your candidate is being butt-raped by the party elite is somehow an attribute), but that is not true. The Cruz campaign was furious at what Haynes and his Hacks did to their candidate as well. Appointing Susan Williams – a known Cruz hater – to be an alternate for Cruz was but one example.

Then Tom tried to create some sympathy for poor, besieged Ken Gross. He wrote that the Blog-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had (gasp!) actually published the phone number of Gross (the fiends!). Oh, the horror! What Ken and Tom failed to mention is that Rocky Top had Gross’ number in the first place because it had already been published by the freakin’ state party on their website for years. Also, Gross had put the number himself all over the Internet when the doofus went looking for a new job and posted his resume for the entire world to see it. And now, somehow, giving out his number was some sort of cardinal sin. Get real.

Finally Gross comically tried to claim that he was now reconsidering his “strong support of Trump” (a devotion to whom he apparently he has had for almost a whole week now). Humphrey wrote: “It’s been enough, Gross said, to leave him questioning the idea of being an ultra-loyal Trump delegate after the two first two ballots.”

What is this – a joke? Anti-Trump party hack gets appointed by the party establishment and is instantly turned into such an ”ultra-loyal” Trump supporter that he almost makes it an entire week before he starts to lay the groundwork for justifying what he undoubtedly intended to do all along – screw over Trump at the earliest possibility.

Humphrey’s entire column unintentionally confirms what he set out to disprove – that Trump, and yes, Ted Cruz were screwed over by petty party potentates who wanted to reward their cronies and create delegates who could be counted on the flip off the ½ million Tennesseans who voted for Cruz and Trump.

And once again, for the record the crew at Rocky Top are not big fans of The Donald (with the previously noted exception of Mrs. Hot Chick). We just think the party establishment is arrogant, deceitful and cares not one whit about the desires of Republican voters and that it is the dishonest and corrupt actions of not only people like Ryan Haynes, but party leaders in Washington that gave rise to Trump and his ilk.

Reap what you sow, Ryan. But fear not — the Dean is readily available to try and cover your ass.

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